Exploring the Mind of an Opportunistic Internet Entrepreneur

We’re deep into the year and there’s all of one month left and some change, perhaps the perfect time to reflect on some popular marketing trends of the year that almost completely was, so too the emerging marketing trends for 2018 I guess. This time my focus will be on so-called opportunistic marketers, an unofficial term given in particular to internet marketers who jump from trend to trend to bring home the bacon.

It sounds a bit bad, doesn’t it, “opportunistic internet marketer”, but it really isn’t.

What is an opportunistic internet marketer?

An opportunistic internet marketer is just like any other internet marketer who seeks monetisation opportunities which are available over the World Wide Web, except what differentiates the opportunist amongst such people is the fact that they pretty much just go where the money is “trending” at the time. So instead of perhaps sticking to a specific niche, like how someone might sell digital products all about health & fitness for example, the opportunistic internet marketer might momentarily piggy-back off of a hot trend doing the rounds and sell digital products to do with that trend.

So for example, with the impending release of the iPhone X, the opportunistic internet marketer might perhaps team up with some developers to come up with apps that will be specifically aimed at newly-minted iPhone X users who are itching to put their new handset through its paces. The advantage which a typical opportunistic internet marketer always ensures they enjoy however, is that of their avoidance of anything overly technical, so they might perhaps just sell these mentioned iPhone X apps as an affiliate or referrer.

Inside the mind of an opportunistic internet marketer

The mind of an opportunistic internet marketer is not all that complicated and in fact it’s not all that different to the mind of the typical consumer. The opportunistic marketer has to think like a consumer in order to be able to strike fast with their marketing campaigns and cash in while the latest trend is still in its ascendency.

There is perhaps one slight manner in which they differ from the typical consumer though in that they have the foresight to put measures in place to profit off each next trend instead of having their money flow straight out of their pockets, as would be the case with the typical trend-savvy consumer. So with regards to trends such as the famous Black Friday we’re just coming from, so too Cyber Monday which we’re right in the middle of as I write this, the opportunistic marketer sees an opportunity to make money as opposed to one to spend money seen by the trend-chaser.

Consequently, the marketer would use a loan aggregation platform among many other financial tools to perhaps search for ways to get some quick money they can use to stock up the hottest trending items which are to be sold on for a good profit, while the brand-and-trend-savvy consumer would perhaps be looking to use the same platform so that they can buy into the latest of these trends.

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