7 Ways to Impress Customers Who Visit Your Business

When customers come visit your business location, you can either act as most businesses do or wow your customers, so they will come back to do business with you again and again. Here are seven quick tips from the brand and marketing experts at Brand Stories to ensure your customers who visit your office feel welcome and impressed.

1. Continuously Train Your Staff

Train your staff to know that any visitor that walks through the door is their personal customer who they must ensure has a great experience of the business for the duration of their transaction.

The training should teach them to smile, make eye contact, and politely ask how they can be of help to customers. These little things can make the difference between bad customer experience and excellent customer experience that make the customer want to come back and even refer others.

2. Display a Personalised Welcome Board in the Lobby

When you know a particular client is visiting, you can display a welcome board in the lobby with the name of the client, for example, “Welcome, John Doe Smith from ABC Company.”

This simple act that takes a few minutes to put together can make a great impression on the client and show that you thought about them long before they arrived. It will make the client like your business, and people do business with companies they like. Don’t be surprised if the customer does business with you over and over again and refer others.

3. Keep Your Workplace Clean

How clean or untidy your office says a lot about you and your business. To impress customers, keep your workplace clean, neat, and tidy at all times especially in areas where customers are. You should keep in mind to also ensure that the outside of your office space (or building) remains clean; when clients first look at the place, they tend to draw conclusions about the business from its exterior appearance. Occasionally hiring cleaning companies (like nickswindowcleaning.ca) that can do a thorough clean of the windows and exteriors to create a more pleasing and inviting look should go a long way in maintaining cleanliness standards.

To ensure you’re doing well, have an independent observer evaluate your workplace. Is your office aesthetically pleasing? Does it evoke positive feelings? Is it attractive? Make it the responsibility of every employee to project professionalism, organisation, and discipline. This will impress your customers and build a level of trust in your brand.

Also, ensure you have necessary insurance cover for your furniture and interior decorations in case there is accidental damage. If anything does go wrong, it won’t affect your business or cause a bad experience for customers who visit your workplace.

4. Pay More Attention to Employees That Customers Encounter First

The most important employees in your workplace are the people your visitors encounter first – your security personnel and front desk staff. These are the people who create the first impression. They require special attention and training.

Train them to welcome visitors warmly, be friendly, and attend to specific types of customers based on their peculiar needs.

5. Offer Customers Free Refreshments

To create a positive experience for customers who visit your business location, offer them refreshment at no cost. Let your customers know you have refreshments for them, display them prominently where they will see them.

Consider self-serve refreshments such as water system and coffee. Also, make healthy snacks and organic fresh fruits available.

6. Offer Free Newspapers Customers Can Keep

While customers wait to be attended to, it’s wise you have newspapers of today they can read. To make the experience of visiting your office memorable, let know they can keep the newspaper. You can use a simple sticker firmly placed on the newspaper to let them know. This can double as a way to brand and advertise your business.


As you can see, it’s not hard or expensive to impress customers who visit you. All it takes is a little thought of how to create the right impression and feeling. Get started today.