When I got my degree in psychology, I intended to open a practice and offer my services as a psychologist like many of my fellow students. Little did I know that I would soon be working in an entirely different area.

Business psychology and business coaching isn’t a career I would necessarily have chosen, even though it had always fascinated me to see how companies interact, how staff collaborates, and how businesses present themselves to their customers.

Psychology plays into all areas of our lives. We are psychological beings and, as such, everything we do has a psychological fingerprint. We can be effective in our behavior and live constructive lives or find ourselves unable to harness our potential. Many factors influence our behavior. Upbringing and personality play a huge role, and ultimately, we all have to find our feet and try to find happiness.

My Husband and I

I met my husband at college, we fell in love immediately and didn’t waste any time getting married. On leaving college, he decided to take over his family grocery business. The business had been in the family for generations and had provided a good income. Though he was proud to continue this tradition, my husband wanted to grow and expand the business and turn it from a small family business into a medium-size company. Armed with a degree in business, he started to plan and implement an expansion strategy, but somehow, his efforts didn’t seem to bear fruit. He was frustrated and disappointed, and couldn’t quite identify the reasons for his lack of progress.

We talked about his approach a lot, and somewhere along the way, I discovered what was amiss with his approach. Though the products and services he provided were of exceedingly high quality, he just couldn’t win over potential clients. Customer care was important, however, the way he dealt with clients had not changed with the times.

In the end, after lengthy discussions, I created a customer care plan for him that also included marketing strategies geared toward strengthening and increasing his client base. The model was rooted in simple and sound psychological principles. The approach was focused on fulfilling client needs, and presenting the company in a trust-invoking, progressive manner.

The Results

As soon as he implemented my strategy, things began to change. He had a more positive and progressive approach, and whenever he interacted with potential customers, they were impressed by his professionalism and ease of communication.

His breakthrough was also my breakthrough and presented a plethora of new possibilities. Business coaching and business psychology were suddenly at the center of the type of services I wanted to offer.

Following in-depth research into professional business psychology services, I decided to start offering my services. I set up a website, devised a marketing and advertising strategy and began to promote my services.

My Clients

I have provided business psychology services to individual, small and medium-size companies as well as large corporations. Each client has a unique profile with specific needs. On initial contact, I can identify the strength and weaknesses of each business and then go on to create an effective transformational strategy.

This Website

This website is geared toward introducing you to business psychology and outline the services I provide in detail. As you progress through the pages, you will read several success stories, penned by former and existing clients.

Business psychology is the key to growth and expansion. Once you take a psychologically sound and savvy approach to running your business, your company will grow. Your customers will be inspired by your confidence and know-how.

My aim is to identify your strengths, help you to bring them to the fore, and present them to the world.