Thanks to my strong following, I have been in a position to sell valuable advertising space on this website. When you publish an ad here, your services and products will be highlighted to no less than 16’000 unique monthly visitors.

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It’s not just that. As a psychologist, I know how advertising works. The psychology of advertising is extremely important when creating a successful campaign.

I can offer you both, a strong, loyal readership and psychologically savvy advertising campaigns.

My Readers

You will firstly have to establish, whether my readers are your potential customers. Most of my advertisers provide products or services for professionals, and all of them have done well by advertising here.

My readers are indeed male and female professionals seeking advice and help with business growth and career advancement. Website data has indicated several points for you to remember:

  • My Readers are Seeking to Grow: My readers are eager to grow professionally and personally and that’s why they have come to my business psychology website.
  • My Readers Trust Me and Are Loyal: Advertising campaign analysis has highlighted the trust and loyalty of my readers. When a business advertises here, it enjoys the trust of my loyal readers because they know that I would only sell advertising space to solid businesses.
  • My Readers Are Looking for Business Products and Services: My readers rely on me to expand the content of my blog with relevant ads and point them in the direction of good product and service providers.
  • Strong Following, Lots of Social Media Shares: The 16’000 strong readership has been happy to share posts and evocative ads on social media, and thus expanded the reach of each ad.

Advertising Psychology

As a psychologist, I only publish smart ads that will produce a solid return on investment. I am up-to-date with all the latest advertising techniques and know exactly how to create a powerful, result-driven ad. Advertising is not about seducing people into availing of your service or buying your product. It’s about highlighting the strengths, outlining the benefits, and tapping into an existing need.

Tailored Packages

All of my advertising packages are tailored to my advertiser’s needs. Initially, we sit down and identify your goals and targets. Advertising campaigns must produce an increase in revenue and consequently, I then create a tailored campaign specific to your needs.

Evocative Design and Effective Placement

Equipped with my knowledge in psychology and my experience in business, we work hard at designing visually powerful, clickable ads. The advertisements are also published alongside relevant content rather than randomly placed.

On this website, ads become part of the content we provide, so that our readers have access to both, informative posts and businesses providing relevant products and services.

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Please email me at to obtain information on rates and advertising options. I will give you a few days to study the information, before getting in touch to discuss a possible way forward.

The vast majority of our advertisers work with us on a continual basis, simply because ads on this website produce tangible results.