You’ve come to this website to find ways of harnessing your potential and expanding your business. You’ve come to the right place! I can help you to identify and build on your strengths, while also supporting you in your efforts to grow your company.

Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur, sole trader, small or medium business, or a large corporation, I am here to help. I offer tailored business psychology packages aimed at maximizing your capabilities as a person and at optimizing the power of your business.

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Before you contact me, I would like to share a few stories about some of my clients.


Tom was one of my first clients. He was full of knowledge and ideas, however, he wasn’t very good at creating an effective business strategy. We worked together during several consulting sessions and co-created not just a better approach but a workable strategy. By equipping him with simple psychological tools, I enabled him to manifest his ideas. I also helped him to develop a marketing approach to gain clients.

The results were astonishing. Within weeks, he was actively promoting and running his business in a highly effective and profitable manner.

Medium-Sized Company

This company approached me because the CEO was dissatisfied with the profits made the previous accounting year. He was right to feel that his company could be doing better. By carefully analyzing work practices and the marketing strategy, I was in a position to break old and outdated workflows and maximize the efficiency of the company. With a savvy marketing drive, we grew the business and considerably grew its market share over the following 12 months.

Large Corporation

This was the first large corporation I ever worked with. Though the company was doing very well, it was a bit of a mess. Staff didn’t harmonise at all, work efficiency was atrocious, and CEO and management couldn’t collaborate effectively either. When I went in, I knew I had a mountain to climb. After examining the underlying issues, I crafted a team building strategy which was to form the basis for improved collaboration between all the members of staff, the management, and the CEO.

We spent several months resolving conflicts and building trust. The company fortunes went from strength to strength, and, within a short space of time, a good business became a top-class business.

Your Business Can Thrive Too

When you make contact with me, remember, I am here to equip you with the tools to harness your full potential. My aim is to create workable, effective business and marketing strategies, such as guest posting, that will facilitate the organic growth and development of your business.

I also do a lot of work in improving staff and management collaboration, both of which are key for the smooth running of a business. I accept guest posts and writing opportunities whether your business is big or small! To have an opportunity to write for us, then do not hesitate to get in touch.

Business is about people and, as a psychologist, I know how to get the best out of people.

Please email me at or fill in the form below. Outline your current situation and the nature of your business. I will forward an information package and contact you within a few days to discuss the possible options.