Entertainment in Armenia – Everything You Need for A Good Holiday

There are many opportunities for recreation in Armenia. For almost a nominal fee, you can ride a skate, rollerblade or bicycle. And after a day full of adventures, it’s nice to relax in a cozy cafe or watch an interesting film right in the open. At night you can relax with the royal luxury in one of the best casinos in Yerevan. And good game connoisseurs buy a junket tour to Yerevan to spend a pleasant vacation in a gambling house.

Cafes and pubs

Having a snack in comfort in Armenian cities is not a problem. It is tasty cooked and served with a hospitable service. Local pubs and cafes are characterized with comfort, a varied menu and quite low prices.

Entertainment center Play City

Play City is a place where a variety of modern entertainment for children and adults is gathered. Bowling, karting, buggy, circuit, mini-golf, billiards, paintball and even a 7D cinema provide the opportunity to have fun all day in some different ways. You can grab a bite at a local cafe, and enjoy some comfort in the restaurant.

Museums, zoo and water park are waiting for children and adults

The idea of a budget holiday is becoming more relevant. A trip to Armenia is the right answer to the question of where you can relax pleasantly without unnecessary costs. Food and lodging here are relatively inexpensive, the same applies to transportation.

A day at the museum!

The museum is calm, old-fashioned entertainment, but not losing relevance in our world full of fuss. Yerevan is deservedly considered to be a city of museums. There are also many art galleries in the capital. These establishments conceal a lot of interesting things for some curious and eager visitors. Armenian culture is one of the oldest in the world, and a visit to the museum provides an excellent opportunity to explore truly unique exhibits.

Let’s go to the zoo?

Yerevan Zoo is more than 60 years old, and this is one of the best places for family holidays. Children in the park expanse. Every day they can rush through the alleys, relax on the rides and watch the animals of 200+ types, including those listed in the Red Book.

Entrance fee varies depending on the number of visitors in the group. On average, the ticket price varies around the equivalent of two dollars; the larger the group, the lower the cost per visitor. Therefore, it makes sense to gather a large company in order to have a good time and get maximum discounts. By the way, watching our smaller brothers is useful not only for children. For adult guests, this is a great way to get away from everyday fuss and reduce the stress effects.

Aqua park! What could be better?

The water park in Yerevan is a great place to relax. Visitors get access to a spacious open-air complex, which has everything you need to splash around in the water all day long. Fans of strong sensations will not miss the opportunity to slide down the hill with the eloquent title “Kamikaze”. And having fun with the whole family is the best on a special family slide, which can be used by both adults and children. Lovers of long heats will enjoy a pool with 25 meters long paths. Experienced instructors will help everyone to improve their swimming skills.

Luxuriously relax in the casino

A lot of people visit Armenia every year because it’s a great place to chill and relax. In the daytime, you could explore the tourist spots, meet interesting people, and try different cuisines, while at night you could have a little fun watching videos on GayPornHD (or similar sites if that’s your thing) or meeting someone that can make your night even better. Another significant plus of Armenia is the presence of elegant gambling houses, which are supported by the state. True, the laws prohibit such an establishment’s organization only within the capital. But right after the official border, there are several large casinos. One of the most respectable – Shangri La, the unit of Storm International (Darren Keane is the CEO).

The place is great for a luxury holiday: exquisite interiors, hospitality, popular games, author’s cuisine, live music. By the way, the place is popular with foreign guests who appreciate VIP service. In recent years, the number of foreigners in Shangri La, Darren Keane commented, has increased significantly.