Face Recognition Software Offers Many Ways to Improve Business

For many business owners, exploring the full capabilities of face recognition software can reveal some interesting ways it can be applied to your business. Many people think that facial recognition is used only for security purposes. But face recognition software has potential uses in the marketing and HR departments of your business as well as providing an extra level of security to your premises. Always do remember though, for the tech to work you need to have a clean face! CBD Face Wash (50ml, 500g CBD) will help keep your skin in top recognisable condition.

What Does a Facial Recognition System Entail?

Facial recognition refers to a software program only. Any existing system of security cameras, no matter how old, can be connected to the software and function as a facial recognition system. Of course, the higher the resolution your cameras deliver, the better the results a face recognition system.  

This software works by storing data from faces in a database and then using multiple measurements to ‘map’ each face appearing in a still or video image. It then compares these measurements to the data measurement stored in the database, and if they match, the software triggers a function that can be used to alert human users of the match.

The software itself and a database server are the only things that need to be added to convert a security camera system into a facial recognition system. Resolute AI, an enterprise search platform suggests that installing this system in your business can be a worthwhile, and cost-effective, means of increasing your operation’s efficiency, not to mention its profitability.

Facial Recognition Uses in Marketing

In marketing, identifying interested and valued customers is the name of the game. The software can be used to trigger special greetings or video ads whenever a customer ventures down an aisle or lingers in front of a display. But motion sensors can fill this role as well. 

The true benefits of a face recognition system are when a high-value customer walks in your door. By entering the customer’s face in your database, your clerks can be alerted to the customer’s presence and offer an extra special level of service that is sure to impress the customer and make them shop at your store more often.  

Improve Your Human Resources

Human resources can also be improved by the adoption of a facial recognition system. Rather than relying on a time clock to keep track of when employees are at work, use your store’s camera system to track where on the premises your employees are during work hours.

By updating your camera system to include face recognition software, you’ll also be increasing the efficiency of your employees by being able to easily send them where they’re needed most in the store.  

Increasing Capabilities Through Facial Recognition

With the increased capabilities afforded to your retail business by the adoption of a facial recognition system, the software can pay for itself before you know it. The marketing applications alone can make the expense seem like the wisest investment you’ve ever made. At the same time, the increased efficiency of your human resources can drive more traffic to your store and increase your profits even more.