How Can You Use Bags for Life to Promote Your Brands?

In the past, consumers mainly cared about the products and services that they received from a business/ However, nowadays consumers care far more about environmental issues such as conservation and sustainability. One of the best tools to use to promote any brand in this era is the “bag for life” because they are both sustainable and eco-friendly.

What are “bags for life?”

As the name suggests, bags for life are long-lasting or durable bags, that are customisable and reusable. You can give them out to your customers or sell them at reasonable prices. Because of the bags’ durability, your customers can use them for longer periods than other traditional plastic carrier bags. Besides being effective tools that you can use to promote your brand, and boost its profile, they help to conserve the environment by reducing the use of plastic bags that are non-biodegradable and are only used a single time, leading to massive waste.

Ways to use bags for life to promote your brand

You can use bags for life in the following ways to create more awareness about your brand and improve your sales:

Use them as giveaways at events

One of the best ways to use bags for life to create awareness about your brand is to use them as freebies at various events, for example, trade shows, exhibitions, and product launches. You can give these bags to visitors who visit your tent or stand, or attendees to your product launches. 

To ensure you have quality bags for life at affordable rates, you need to partner with leading bag manufacturers like RocketBags. This way, your customers will appreciate that you value them, and as they carry these bags around, they will help to promote your brand.

Use bags for life to reward loyal customers 

Nothing makes loyal customers feel appreciated more than getting rewards. You can consider rewarding them in a way that also promotes your company’s brand, and using custom bags for life that have the logo, name and company’s marketing message is one of them.

If you’re wondering how to identify your loyal customers, you can rely on your loyalty program—if you have one in place, or use your system to get repeat customers. Also, you can consider big customers to whom you have assigned account managers, and reward them with bags for life among other merchandise. 

Give the bags to customers who surpass some amount 

Companies seek to encourage bulk shopping or customers spending significant amounts with their businesses. You can motivate buyers to spend a lot in your shop by giving rewards to those who shop above a certain limit. 

When you give out bags for life to customers who exceed the set amount, you show that you appreciate them and encourage repeat sales. In addition, you help to promote your brand because each time they use those bags other people get to know about your brand. 


While there are several marketing strategies businesses can use to promote their brands, using bags for life is a sustainable marketing strategy that appeals to the values of modern consumers. To get the most from these promotional tools, you should focus on quality, design and functionality when producing these bags and distribute them strategically.