How to Manage Your Time Successfully as a Digital Nomad

Technology is fantastic, especially the internet that keeps us “connected” so we can communicate with people from all over the world. We knew we couldn’t “live” without the internet before the pandemic and appreciated the ability to work from home, or from anywhere, as it gave us the freedom to become digital nomads. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic working from home suddenly became a matter of saving lives, putting a new focus on technology and infrastructure.

Working from home is great but not always easy. There are a lot of distractions, which may stop us from finishing our work on time, and producing quality work. In some cases, people who are working from home are working even more from their computers than they normally would be, because of this, it is causing things like eyestrain, blurred vision, headaches, etc. as they are barely taking time away. So finding ways on how to make this easier is essential, for instance, going onto websites like to find some glasses that can support the eyes and reduce pain is one step to take, so is finding the best chair to work from. All of this adds up to making productivity at the forefront of working from home.

Thankfully, there are some great time management tips that you can adhere to for productivity and making the most of your time. Many of these ideas come from people that during the years have managed to become digital nomads and now can help both businesses and individuals to stay productive during this difficult corona-period.

Time Management Tips for Working Remotely

If ever you are going to be successful working away from the office, then you definitely need to be disciplined. After all, if you’re working from home, it means your wellbeing depends on it. The least that you could do is work hard. Here are tips you can utilize to work successfully remotely.

1. Create a To-Do List

Always make sure that you start with a to-do list as this sets the tone of your day. You can create a to-do list the night before or first thing in the morning. You will also need to make sure that it’s actually manageable; don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself.

Your to-do list must include all the tasks that you intend to finish that day, as well as the time you think each task will take to complete. It’s also important that you include personal things that you intend to do during your lunch break, such as picking the kids from school or dashing out for some groceries.

When you have finished a task, cross it out, and focus on the remaining tasks.

2. Don’t Multi-Task

Typically, your brain requires about 15 minutes for it to refocus when you switch tasks. So, while you may think that multi-tasking saves you a lot of time, it might actually waste your time.

Multi-tasking requires you to switch your focus continuously, which can hurt your goal. We suggest that you focus entirely on one task, then switch focus after you finish.

That way, you can complete all your tasks much quicker and are less distracted.

3. Put Off Personal Tasks for Another Time

The biggest mistake that we always make when working remotely is including personal tasks in our to-dos. This may include doing laundry, washing the dishes, and more.

The truth is, if you were working from the office, you wouldn’t be able to do those things. Therefore, there is no reason why you should do that when you’re working from home.

It’s advisable that you put personal tasks off until you have finished your tasks for the day. You can then work on them after you’re done for the day.

4. Stay Away from the Internet

Of course, some jobs require you to use the internet. However, this is not the time to be surfing the web or checking out your social media pages. This does nothing but waste your time and distract your mind.

If you can, make sure that you actually switch off your phone and close all web pages that have nothing to do with work.

5. Figure Out When You’re Most Productive

If you have worked from home for some time, then you already know when you are most productive. If not, try to figure out if you are a morning or night person.

You should be able to figure out when you are most focused, as well as the things you require to be productive, such as being alone, some soft music, sitting on the beach, or some quietness.

Generally, it makes sense to work on all challenging tasks in the morning, as this is when you’re most motivated. You can then put off more manageable tasks for later in the day.

6. Design a Dedicated Workspace

We recommend that you actually create a space where you can work if you’re working from home. Working while you’re on your bed or the couch may not be ideal as it relaxes your mind, which might not get you in work mode.

Therefore, make sure that you actually design a space in your home where you will work from. Make sure it’s ideal, with an appropriate work desk and chair. At the same time, you need to ensure that your workspace is comfortable.

Furthermore, you can also subscribe to spectrum internet packages to make your work-from-home free of internet speed hassles.


Working from home or while travelling requires being the right mindset and a lot of dedication. Make sure you stay away from things that may distract you, such as TV or your phone, until you reach your set targets. This ensures that you are productive. Make sure you follow the above working time management tips for digital nomads in order to reach your full potential.