Having achieved great results with countless clients, many of them asked me to provide them with a handbook, outlining the basics of business psychology, and introducing the principles of my approach.

While I had previously never intended writing a book, I saw this as an opportunity to highlight the many, yet unknown, benefits of applied business psychology. The writing process also made me put a structure on the tools I was using, and thus became my own “workbook”.

While my blog regularly deals with many of the issues outlined in my eBook, I was able to delve much deeper and equip my readers with sharpened and more effective tools.

I have been greatly encouraged by the response to my eBook. Not only did people enjoy reading it, many actually saw their business and fortunes improve following their implementation of the steps outlined in it. Knowing that my business psychology strategies work and help countless businesses all over the world have undoubtedly been my greatest reward.

To order a copy of my eBook, please email me at adina@churchofcustomer.com.

5 Steps in the Right Direction

Without giving too much away, I’d like to outline at least some of the aspects I cover in my eBook. The book has the four main following sections:

  • Introducing Business Psychology: In the first section of the book, I introduce readers to the concept of business psychology and its uses and benefits. This is an easy-to-understand definition, full of practical examples and case studies.
  • The 5 Steps: The five-step approach presented itself after working with several clients and brings together the basic tools of business psychology. By explaining how psychology lies at the base of all business activity, readers can come to understand the basic principles. Subsequent to reading this section, most people view running a business with entirely new eyes. Everything from customer care, advertising, marketing, promotion, staff management, and even as far as the financial aspects of business have an underlying psychology. I have identified 5 steps vital in creating a psychologically strong approach to all aspects of running a business. These 5 tools are easy to use and implement, yet highly practical and effective.
  • Case Studies: To illustrate the 5-step approach, I have included several case studies. Each study outlines how each of these businesses used my business psychology tools to improve the operation of their business. Some companies required marketing and advertising related improvements, while others used business psychology in improving staff relations. On reading these case studies, you will soon see, how my tools can be used in a wide variety of ways and settings.
  • Practical, Day-to-Day Tips: It was important to me to ensure that the advice provided would be easily implementable and usable on a day-to-day basis by just about anyone. I have even included some exercises and try-out strategies to ease readers into the use of business psychology tools.

Transforming and Revitalizing Your Business with my eBook

The result can be incredible. I have received countless emails from happy readers who went on to implement my strategies in their business operation. This book has been a real eye-opener for lots of people and I hope you will be one of them. You can order the book here by emailing me at adina@churchofcustomer.com.

Just remember, business is about people, and people are psychological beings. By gaining a deeper understanding of the psychological aspects of business, you can truly transform the way you run your business and see it strengthen in all areas. You need to be able to focus on the strengths of people to find out where they excel the most. It could be done through psychological counseling. From staff relations to advertising and marketing right through to customer care, business psychology can improve the quality of your entire business.