Why your organization needs an online training software

If your company is looking to incorporate a new employee training program, you certainly can’t ignore the benefits an online training software can offer. The advantages of online learning significantly outweigh those of face-to-face or class-based training.

In this article, we’ll discuss the potential benefits of an online training software for your business.

7 Benefits of using an Online Training Software

When it comes to employee learning and development (L&D), two of the most important aspects are growth and efficiency. This is why many companies are turning to online training initiatives to save money, time, and effort.

We’ve compiled some of the key benefits you can acquire from implementing an online training software. Hopefully, it will help you understand why your business should focus on online learning to attract and retain top talent.

1.  Reduces costs of training

An online training software decreases many expenditures that would usually be incurred with class-based training, such as travel, training resources, hiring instructors and/or equipment, venue, and meals.

With traditional training methodologies, upgrading and duplicating training content is expensive and laborious. An online training software allows you to update critical content and lesson plans swiftly and seamlessly. Also, as your training materials remain online, there are no printing costs.

Keeping in mind the cost savings your company can witness after investing in an online training software, ROI is one of the most obvious advantages of online learning for businesses.

2. Improves performance and efficiency

Your employees are always on the lookout for opportunities to grow. By using an online training software, you can empower your employees to quickly master new processes.

One big complaint about conventional training methodologies is that they are time consuming, which takes away from the precious time that could have been spent on other tasks. With an online training  system, your workers can take part in their training at any time, either at home or during down time in the workplace. This way, training doesn’t conflict with other critical or time-sensitive work responsibilities.

Also, an online training software allows workers to revisit important content exactly at the point of need. This means, they have all the necessary information right at their fingertips.

3. Provides convenience and flexibility

Online training means no physical restrictions. Your workers have the ability to participate in online learning from any part of the world with just an internet connection. This reduces a considerable amount of energy spent in coordinating where and when training will be organized.

Plus, gathering an entire team of workers together at one location is not easy, and never efficient. An online training software provides you with better management and your employees with more flexibility to accomplish critical  “just-in-time” training with changing requirements.

Also, you don’t have to hire any subject matter expert to deliver the training. Nor your employees have to commute to attend the training. This means you don’t have to rely on other people’s availability and schedules.

4. Offers timely feedback

Using an online training software, your workers can get real-time feedback during a course. And, as everything is connected virtually, your management can also receive real-time analytics on how training courses are performing. Plus, you can easily track the progress of your individual employees.

Here’s another bonus for your management team: There’s no need to manually evaluate the coursework. All you have to do is to include quizzes in your training and provide the correct answers. Your online training software can automate the grading and evaluation.

This way, you and your management team can focus more on other important tasks.

5. Provides easy access to knowledge

For your employees, referring back to sloppy hand-written notes taken during traditional learning sessions is definitely not the most effective way to access knowledge.

An online training software helps remove paper from the equation altogether. Your training content is stored online, so workers can access essential resources any time they face a question or a challenging situation. After all, that’s the whole point of the training, isn’t it?

Your workers already have very little time to spend on training. And, when they do attend a training session, that time is often wasted if the trainer is not engaging or the duration is too long.

According to Deloitte, the average worker has roughly 1 percent of their working week available to professional development, which equates to 4.8 minutes a day. Using an online training software allows you to offer bite-sized learning content so that your employees don’t have to take a lot of time off from their work to focus on learning.

6. Enhances information retention

Did you know, retention rates increase from 8% in face-to-face sessions to up to 60% when training is delivered online?

Unlike the boring monolog of traditional training methods, an online training software lets you create interesting and interactive training courses by using videos, engaging slides, quizzes, and even gamification.

These interesting courses result in better outcomes by helping your workers retain more of the information learned.

7. Offers personalized learning

Each of your employees has a different learning style. Although the course content is uniform for all learners, an online training software allows each individual trainee to control the pace of the coursework.

Your learners aren’t forced to complete the entire training in one sitting. They can pause whenever they feel like burning out. And, they can revise the content whenever there’s any confusion.

Owing to the flexibility online learning provides, your employees can also participate in the course in an environment that’s more conducive to their learning style.

Here’s another benefit: By using an online training software, you can also offer certificates of completion to all your successful learners. This can further incentivize their learning experience.

Key Takeaway

The benefits of an online training software are abundant. However, your business might be the most interested in the bottom line.

Online learning can help you produce a better-quality, more effective learning experience for all workers, at a more reasonable cost.

When workers are more enthusiastic about learning, their engagement propagates into the rest of their work. And, when that engagement is catapulted across all departments, your bottom line is influenced.

Your company’s ROI might be the most astonishing and most obvious benefit of using an online training software.