I decided to make the blog the centerpiece of this website in an effort to educate people about the importance of business psychology. Many people are unaware that basic human psychology can form the basis of a viable business strategy. Business psychology runs through every part of your company, including staff relations, management, workflows, marketing, advertising, and business growth.

In my blog, you will find out about all of these issues, while also learn about business, finance and psychology in general.

Ever since the establishment of this website, I have invited experts to contribute to my blog. I would like to extend this invitation to all of my readers. You may fill in the contact form below or email me at adina@churchofcustomer.com.


    Blogging has become such an important means of communication, information exchange, and education. I’ve been fortunate to have received countless in-depth, thought-provoking posts for publication, and I would love to publish your contribution too, even if you’ve never written a blog post before. We will help you throughout the entire process, fully confident in your abilities.

    Experts and Professional Bloggers

    My website has a strong following, and this is in no small way also down to the brilliant guest posts I have published. My readers value expert insight and knowledge and your guest contribution would be very much appreciated.

    Well-read bloggers have the chance of accessing many more readers with the potential of getting countless subscriptions to their own blogs. This is not a ghostwriting gig. You will be given full credit and are welcome to include and highlight links to your own blog. In all likelihood, you are far more experienced than I am and for that reason, I would urge you to share your knowledge and know-how with my readers and me.

    Novice Bloggers

    Submitting a guest post couldn’t be easier. Further down, you will find a list of possible topics and some sample titles to guide you. We will give you as much or as little help as your require. The editing process is a joint endeavor throughout which both of us can learn and grow.

    Your post will be published within days, and my many thousand readers are highly likely to seek you out as a writer and try to find out more about you and your work.


    When you submit a guest post, please also include a short bio for publication, preferably with a photo. This will help you to raise your profile and increase your writer visibility.

    Topics and Sample Titles

    Please take a look at the list of topics I like to discuss in my blog. Feel free to suggest other topics, I am always open to new ideas.

    • Business News
    • Big Businesses and Corporations
    • Employee Management
    • Small Businesses
    • Credit Cards and Loans
    • Finance
    • FOREX
    • Investment Ideas
    • Stock Trading
    • Global Economy
    • Insurance
    • Marketing Campaigns
    • Online Marketing
    • Retail Industry
    • Psychology

    You may pen your own guest post title. The following samples are just for inspirational purposes:

    • Improving Staff Relations
    • Getting the Best out of your Staff
    • Smart Marketing Drives

    The Benefits of Submitting a Guest Post

    When you submit a guest post for publication you will reap several rewards. For starters, I have 16’000 unique monthly visitors who will all become your readers. Secondly, I will highlight you as a writer and make sure my readers will want to find out more about your work. Thirdly, you gain valuable experience or the opportunity to pass on your expertise, and finally, you will have the pleasure of working with my team and I!

    What to Do Next

    To arrange the publication of your guest post, please fill in the contact form below or email me at adina@churchofcustomer.com. If you have penned a guest post already, you may send it to me as an attachment. Alternatively, you can send me your concept and either way, I will respond to discuss the best approach.

    I love working with guest bloggers and enjoy the entire process immensely. Do take this publishing opportunity and I will ensure that you get lots out of it.