25 million more cups per day – is our daily coffee habit out of control?

Our daily coffee consumption is increasing at an alarming rate. With 95 million cups of coffee being drunk across the U.K. every day, is it time that we put down the coffee filter and started looking for healthier options?

It might seem like the only way to ensure that we are fully awake before we reach the office or attempt any form of conversation, first thing in the morning, but we all know the strong impact that the daily rush for caffeine, has on our bodies.

With millions of us, around the U.K., becoming increasingly reliant on using copious cups of coffee to keep us alert and energised throughout the day, is it time that we kicked our caffeine habit and found some healthier alternatives, that are just as convenient to access as the nearby coffee shop or coffee machine?

Many companies are coming up with innovative ways to help us to find healthier options to keep ourselves going throughout the day, such as fruitfuloffice, an eco-friendly delivery service who deliver fresh fruit to workplaces throughout the U.K. and Ireland.

Instead of reaching for the coffee in the morning, why not try one of these energising drinks the next time you get the urge for some caffeine?

  1. Matcha Green Tea- for a natural caffeine high, swap your coffee for matcha leaves. Matcha green tea is a bold, premium tea, full of flavour and goodness. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, it is anti-ageing and can help to: regulate blood sugar, protect the heart and shield against cancer.
  1. Rooibos Tea- a fat-burning, anti-flammatory drink, rich in minerals, rooibos will ensure you day goes with a bang. Full of calcium, and great for the skin, it is anti-ageing and can double up as a great shampoo! An aid to guard against: high blood pressure, cancer and digestion problems, it is also completely free of any natural caffeine.
  1. Turmeric tea- if you haven’t had enough turmeric yet, try a cup of turmeric tea in the morning, a nutrition superhero, it provides a robust defence against infection and promotes repair. A rich source of anti-oxidants, it is anti-inflammatory and brimming with medicinal value.
  1. Yerba Mate Chai- this is a serious drink from South America stuffed with natural caffeine, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Known to increase focus, alertness and energy, this may be a useful choice for the first drink of the day.
  1. Dandelion tea- more than merely natural decoration for the garden, dandelion leaves are seriously good for your body. High in fibre and vitamins C and K, dandelion tea is jammed with anti-oxidants. Promoting relaxation, hair growth and weight loss, dandelion tea can also relieve bloating, fight infection and is good for the bones.
  2. Why not raid the fridge and blitz up some kale and spinach, beetroot or a selection of berries?

From the shakes, to anxiety, interrupted sleep and caffeine, we all know we should probably find some healthier alternatives to coffee, at least for some of the time. Why not try one of the drinks in this post  with tomorrow’s breakfast instead?

What do you think? Can you ever have too much coffee? Leave a comment- we would love to hear what you think!