4 Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Some business owners feel that email marketing is a dead marketing method and there are many other strategies out there that can effectively bring in new customers. However, there are still millions of professionals who use email marketing as their primary marketing source, and that’s for a good reason. Email marketing still has a lot to offer businesses and, if you can utilize email marketing strategies the right way, you will almost certainly benefit from higher conversion rates. If you’re still learning how to use email marketing effectively, take a look at some of the below tips which could make a huge difference.

1.      Sync Your Contacts Across Several Apps

As a business owner, you’ll likely have several apps containing potential customer data across multiple devices. This is good for those who use various marketing methods and different tools to create their campaigns. However, sometimes you’ll have more client data on one app than the other and, the chances are you’ll have different customers across several apps and not in one place. This is why it’s a good idea to introduce the PieSync.com tool, which can help with the likes of Hubspot and Mailchimp integration. As well as Mailchimp integration, PieSync will also help you sync multiple other apps, so your marketing campaigns run as efficiently as possible.

2.      Send Those Emails Regularly

There is a fine line between being called a spammer and just sending emails to those who are interested in what you’ve got to say. If subscribers have put their email down to be notified of any news or changes to products/services you offer, let them know – even if that means emailing them a few times a week. They might not look at four out of the five emails you send them, but it could be that one email they have a specific interest in that could make the difference in bringing them on board.

3.      Keep Your Emails Short & Sweet

It’s the simple emails that get read. If you waffle on for paragraph upon paragraph, they will disregard your email and find something that’s a bit more entertaining to read. Long emails are boring, so if you can get your message across in one or two paragraphs – do it. Presentation and grammar are also key ingredients when it comes to converting potential customers, so use other newsletter tools like these if you get stuck.

4.      Pay Special Attention to Subject Lines

The subject line section is where it really matters as far as getting email attention is concerned. Many people who browse their emails will simply ignore them if they are not intrigued by the subject. Try to be as creative as possible, be clear, and get your message across. It’s easier said than done in the subject line, but it’s vital to your email campaigns success.

Your email marketing campaigns could prove to be worthless and a complete waste of time if you don’t present your emails clearly and in a professional manner. However, it’s also important you implement the above tips to ensure your email marketing campaigns are as effective as possible, and you’re getting the most conversions for your time.