Amazing Giveaway Ideas to Launch Your Brand in A Corporate Event

Corporate events are an excellent way to publicize your brand today. Most invitees come to these events with several expectations in their minds, including a splendid experience and of course, some awesome corporate gifts.

This doesn’t come as a surprise that giveaways could be one of the greatest tactics to boost your brand recognition at corporate events. When your audience walks home with an outstanding souvenir, they remember your brand, and they talk about you often.

Here are some amazing giveaway ideas to launch your brand in a corporate event:

  • Custom tote bags:

Printed tote bags are a wonderful way to have your potential clients remember you. Customization experts such as Custom Gear could help you establish a significant brand memory. As your company name and image are printed on your merchandise, these bottles or tote bags serve as an effective way of advertising. For the recipients, tote bags are always a delight because they are ideal for replacing plastic and paper bags while going to the market. They are spacious, so they are perfect to carry to the beach and the club too. For its sheer expanse of plain space and visibility, a tote bag could be a great canvas for company advertisements.

  • Coffee mugs:

Did you know that lately restaurants and coffeeshop merchandises have been offering discounts to customers who bring their mugs? Not to forget, as a part of their environment-conscious drive, offices have been encouraging employees to get a reusable mug to work. Coffee mugs are a wise investment in the giveaway department, so consider getting a customized mug order in at a print shop for such a purpose. Combine your logo and hip design to get seen wherever these mugs go with your guests.

  • Portable charger or power bank:

The world is becoming more tech-savvy every day, and all of us are super attached to our phones. So, offering a branded portable charger or a power bank could sure-short be that one gift your participants will be thankful for.

These are effective tools of entertainment because they are mobile accessories, and 9 on 10 people will bring such necessities with them. As soon as they will use a mobile phone charger or a power bank with your company logo and details on it in public, your brand will be out for everyone to notice.

  • Reusable water bottles:

Reusable bottles are a relevant gift because people are going the eco-friendly way. As awareness about reducing, reusing and recycling increases, reusable bottles are almost becoming a necessity. While leaving home for the malls, gym, school, or work, almost everyone has a water bottle with them.

To be a part of the branding game, customized and stylish reusable water bottles could be your tool. To make the potential clients become your fans already, going for bottles with built-in blenders, diffusers, and straws could do the trick.

  • Travel collection:

Travelling is not just a hobby these days, it is rather a passion for a majority of people. To tickle and attract the traveller in your event participants, spoiling them with a variety of travel accessories could make you special. Make their journeys more impressive with accessories like bad tags, travel notepads, passport holders, organizers and more. While they carry their travel gear with them, your brand gets famous too.

  • Stationery sets:

Though things have become very gadget oriented, people still love free fancy stationery. Of course, just a pen with a logo doesn’t count! If you are running a contest at your event or just giving them away, a colourful stationery set will be highly appreciated by many. Make a customized set that could offer a pen, some notepads, sticky notes, paperclips, and organizers. Every time the receivers will use these items, they will be reminded of your brand. This could be a positive way to keep them coming back to you.