Best Stock Trading Apps for Beginners of 2020

Alright, we get it – the stock market might look like a scary and complex monster for the untrained eye. You’ve probably seen films like the “The Wolf of Wall Street”, or “The Big Short”, which gave you the chills when thinking about the stock market in general. But the truth is quite different – at least in today’s world.

We’ve reached a point in history where this business has become so popular, that a large part of people uses it as a hobby, to make some more extra money on the side. Because of that, broker companies and other stock market-related businesses had to adapt and create interfaces that would serve the more expert trader, but also connect the untrained beginner to this world.

Now, a stock trading app directed for beginners should not have the same concerns as one made for experts. Features like easy-to-use interfaces, fast service, efficient step-by-step instructional videos, and smooth customer service are among the most important ones. It’s also important to find those who offer the lowest fees on the market, as it gives you more room to breathe and make mistakes – no one enters this world with a 100% profit. Since the majority of people have smartphones, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a quick rundown through the best stock trading apps for beginners, in the market, at the moment. As we’ve said, this is only a simple guide, if you want to check out a more complex and detailed list, take a look at


Launched in 2008, Plus500 didn’t take too long to reach solid popularity in this sector. Particularly in Europe, they are among the best CDF traders, mainly due to their massive bonuses, low fees and, listen to this newcomers – easy-to-use app. Not only are you able to work with the traditional stock, but also with forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Is English not your first language? No worries there, as it offers more than 32 different ones, with real-time charting, as well as other common tasks. All in all, it combines amazing features with an effortless and sleek interface, making it one of the best stepping-stones for profiting in the stock market.

IG Markets

Also known as Investor Gold, or just IG, this company is one of the largest and oldest brokers in the world. The biggest reason for its everlasting popularity is the fact that, since its creation in 1974, it has been able to adapt to the continuous changes, be they social or technological ones. In the latter group, creating an app that would allow you – an untrained, but curious mind – to comprehend and enjoy the stock trading business, was a big step in the right direction.

About their app, you’ll start by putting $250, in order to open an account (don’t worry, you’ll get a nice bonus, from the start). Then you can enjoy a user optimized interface, as well as a wide array of markets and instruments (stocks, forex, commodities, etc…). Speed is a big deal for them, be with buying and selling positions (you will never miss your chance), or with deposits and withdrawals. Lastly, a professional service, helpful customer support, and a large number of educational videos are all features that should convince a newcomer, like you, to the game.

AVA Trade

Other fierce challenger for the title of the best stock trading app for beginners is the AVA Trade. An extremely respected company in the sector, AVA Trade was created in 2006 and has been expanding its brand, globally, for the past 14 years. Probably its most interesting feature, and the thing that makes it unique, is the ability it gives users to choose between its own trading platform or other popular ones, like MetaTrader or DupliTrade, connected to their service. In spite of that, after giving it a quick look, you’ll definitely settle for their own platform. Not only is it incredibly easy-to-use, stunningly sleek, and entertaining, but it offers efficient sync between all AVA Trade services.

The app is called AVATradeGo and is one of the best-designed apps in stock trading. Be trading DFDs with amazingly low fees, be the educational videos and articles, be solid overall service, this is definitely a choice to consider. You’ll have to start with $100 (account opening minimum), but if you make some smart investments and trades, in a couple of months those 100 bucks will seem like pennies to you.

TD Ameritrade

There’s a lot of market studies that show this app being the number one pick for beginners, all around the world. Even though we should take those studies with a pinch of salt, there are a few amazing reasons why it has that kind of popularity. First, it gives stock trading a new goal, besides the money. Using a unique point system, it gamifies the learning experience, with progress tracking, quizzes, badges, etc… You’ll be making money while being entertained, at the same time! Then, it offers a user-friendly interface, with hundreds of monthly seminars, presented by experts on the field. Lastly, not only does it not require a minimum deposit, but you can even train with fake money, using its thinkorswim platform. All these features won’t impress an expert trader, but for beginners, they are amazingly efficient!

Last Thoughts

Hopefully, the monster we talked about in the beginning is now a cute puppy, in your eyes. There is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this interesting business, knowing, of course, that there are always some risks – even though nowadays, with the amount of information available, there aren’t that many! Lastly, we recommend flipping trough some of these apps and choosing the one that makes you feel more comfortable, overall. Thanks for reading!