Call Centre Vs. Answering Service – Which Is For You?

Did you know that a call centre and a call answering service are not one and the same thing? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is A Call Centre?

Call centres deal with large businesses. The answering service usually has anywhere from 200 work stations or more and uses people to handle incoming calls.

A call centre account requires an information-gathering protocol which typically includes:

  • Straight-forward and pre-determined
  • Never urgent
  • Fast delivery of information that is usually automated

What is an Answering Service?

On the other hand, a call answering service aids certain market segments – for instance, management companies, doctors, hi-tech firms and a range of other businesses where the caller wants to speak to a real human being. An answering service typically has anywhere from 4 – 20 workstations and the accounts:

  • Require critical, timely decision-making
  • Are small yet complex
  • Involve further steps beyond just gathering simple information

The answer service also provides emergency message delivery protocol.

The Responsibility of a Call Answering Service

Typically, an answering service offers anywhere, anytime answering, such as Reception HQ 24 hour call answering services. Calls are always handled with concern and empath and the person answering the calls must have a good grasp on their responsibilities to the client, as well as a good understanding of the subtleties of the particular industry.

It is up to the call answering service to answer a wide range of callers with finesses and be responsible for fast, accurate decision-making.

More Differences Between Call Centres And Answering Services

A call centre transaction involves gathering information by asking prearranged questions of a caller. So, handling calls is a scripted affair.

On the other hand, the call answering service handles calls from pools of sometimes thousands of accounts, each offering its own unique challenges.

Another distinction between a call centre and a call answering service is the average length of a call. For a call centre, the average call lasts between two and three minutes. For a call answering service, the calls can last just over 30 seconds.

Which is the Best Option for Your Business?

When it comes to deciding whether your business needs a call centre or a call answering service, consider the above differences and then make a choice based on your company’s needs. If your business needs simple, scripted dialogue, taking of orders or when you need outbound customer callings, a call centre may be the right choice for you.

But, if your company falls under a more complicated scope of a call answering service, choose a service that will inspire confidence in callers, treat each caller with respect, will be predictable and will always maintain confidentiality. A reputable, professional call answering service will also serve to enhance your brand and business’s image with your clients and prospects.

Overall, your choice will come down to what you need, what your clients need and also the volume of calls your business receives. The goal should be to ensure no calls are lost or dropped, and all messages are conveyed, while ensuring the people answering your company’s calls are relatable, friendly and knowledgeable.