Easy ways to keep your customer service team motivated

Customer services jobs are not for the faint hearted. Managing many customer queries, from simple enquires to difficult complaints can be challenging especially when they are stacked one after another. Its fundamental to ensure that you are giving your customer services team enough outlets to keep them motivated and wanting to deliver excellent care to every single customer.

Check out some of the tips below, designed to keep your team happy and motivated.

Desk ergonomics

Sitting down in an upright position for long periods of time can be taxing on both the body and the brain. Repetitive strain or injuries related to poor posture are real life issues for those whose jobs mean they must stay stationery for long periods of time. The below should be considered essential for stationery office workers.

Standing desk or standing desk converter

An expensive option but they allow your team to move between standing and sitting, helping to make long shifts more bearable.

Wrist support

A cheap way to ensure your team avoid repetitive strain from keyboard and mouse usage, remember a pain free team is a happy team.

Screen blue light filter or software

Many people believe that blue light can affect your eye health and your sleep, this could especially be the case for people that look at screens for exceptionally long periods of time. Blue light filters or desktop software that changes the light balance your screen emits, may reduce eye fatigue and make it easier to look at a screen for prolonged periods of time.

Adequate room lighting

We believe that light is so important in a successful working environment that we have given it two slots. Good overhead lighting sets the energy and mood for the whole room. Too dim and you may risk people falling asleep at their desks, to bright and employees may get eyestrain. LED lighting can successfully meet all your lighting needs throughout the entire day, due to its many flexible features:

  • LED lights can closely match natural light, meaning that if your customer service centre is particularly large and doesn’t have lots of natural light you can still ensure that the team has more than enough light to do their job
  • LED lighting can help to regulate circadian rhythm (the bodies internal clock) – This is particularly helpful if your customer services team will be working in the twilight hours
  • One bulb can produce many different light colours
  • LED lights can help your business save money as they use less energy and last longer than traditional bulbs
  • LED bulbs can be bought cheaply and delivered quickly from online lighting retailers like https://all-lights.co.uk/

Studies have shown that inadequate lighting can decrease everyday productivity and motivation.

Fun incentives

Depending on the size of your team it may be a little difficult to find incentives that everyone finds fun. To find out what everyone likes why not launch a quick poll with a few popular options. Below are a few of our favourite incentives:

  • Extra paid holidays
  • Dining experiences
  • Free cinema tickets

Recognizing achievements

Acknowledging team and individual achievements is a guaranteed way to show that hard work is appreciated and rewarded (especially when paired with an incentive). There are many different ways to recognise achievement, just be sure not to pick one that borders on patronising (for example badges, gold stars).