How to Get Team Hoodies Printed in 5 Easy Steps

Many parents make their kids play in a team sport because it allows kids to work together towards a single goal. By cooperating, they can achieve greater things, and that’s a valuable lesson they should learn during their formative stage. Team sport also teaches kids how to deal with success and failure, the value of sportsmanship, hardwork, perseverance, grit, and discipline. If you want kids to grow up right, you should make them join a team sport. Some examples would be basketball, rugby, handball, water polo, football, rowing, cricket, volleyball, and hockey.

To make sure that every kid will help foster team unity, you should make them do trust exercises, help them understand the end goals and mission of the team but, most important of all; you should have team apparel printed (e.g. hoodies, t-shirts, sportswear, jerseys and caps).

Having these works in two parts. Firstly, it allows the kids to show their school team spirit, and, secondly, it will further strengthen and fortify the idea that they are a team. Win or lose; they will always support the team they are in.

Hoodies, in particular, are the most popular apparel that is customised for team sports. Here is how you can get your hoodie printing started:

  1. Pick out the base material

There are a wide variety of choices you can select from when it comes to hoodies. You can choose cotton, nylon, suede, leather, polyester or fleece. Of course, the best type of material for your team would be polyester. For sportswear, the clothes must have high wicking properties so that the body can move fast even if it sweats.

  1. Pick out the style of the hoodie

You can either choose a zip-up hoodie, slim fit, or oversized hoodie. Determine if you wish tohavegartered sleeves or not. You should also decide if you want a crew-neck or a v-neck hoodie.

  1. Choose a colour

You can go for whatever colour you want. But the best way to print customised hoodies is by choosing the school colours.

  1. Pick or create the design layout

Collaborate with the team on how they want the hoodies to look. To make it easier for you, ask each of them to create a design layout and have them submit it to you. After getting all their design ideas together, you need to post them in your Facebook group to have them vote for the design they like.

Once you get the top three votes, you can opt to combine the designs. It’s essential that everyone on the team feels comfortable with whatever choice you make.

  1. Consult the shop

Whatever choice you make for the design, it is better to get it checked out by the professionals. They’ll have to see the png file you create so that they can ensure that it will fit on the hoodie.

These are the steps you need to follow so that you can get the team your kid is in the perfect customised sports hoodie. Make sure that you stick by this guide to have it done as quickly as possible.