How to Set Up a Shopping Cart Website

Many Australian people now enjoy the freedom that comes with running an online business, and if you would like to join them by creating your own e-commerce platform, this article was written with you in mind. As an entrepreneur, you will be outsourcing every stage of the business, from web design to logistics, unless, of course, you happen to be competent in any of the services you need.

Shopping Cart Website

There are several applications that are popular to build shopping cart sites; Magento, for example, is one of the preferred platforms, but if you are hiring a web developer, they will make you aware of options. Of course, your input is essential for design, and you will have to hire a good product photographer to take images for the site, which is essential. Hire a copy writer to do your product descriptions, as they too, are a critical aspect of your store, and your web designer will add the content as and when required. The developer would also register your chosen domain name, which should be short and catchy – choose 3 in order of preference – as your chosen URL might already be in use. Web hosting is needed and your web developer offers this service, which is very handy.

Start-Up Capital

While the cost of setting up an e-commerce website is low when compared to a traditional bricks and mortar retail outlet, you still have to cover all your costs. Crunch the numbers for the start-up and should you fall a little short, apply for an online loan from Nimble, an Australian online lender that has helped thousands of people create their own business.

Digital Marketing

Like it or not, this is an investment you cannot afford to ignore; you could have the best products and prices, but if consumers are not aware that your store exists, how could they possibly find you? Enlist the services of a local SEO provider and they will fine-tune your site to make it more visible to Google, and it should be noted that, due to the fluidity of the Internet, SEO services need to be ongoing.

The Product

A lot of careful thought needs to go into choosing a product line, and your preferences should not influence your selection, rather you should be looking at the demand, which needs to be high, and a product line that has a future. Carry out extensive market research, which will help you answer the questions, and once you’ve made up your mind, it is time to source a supplier. For some great tips to ensure your new business enjoys longevity, click here.


For a shopping cart website, you need to forge an alliance with a reliable wholesaler, or you might need to deal with multiple suppliers, depending on your product line. Of course, price is important, and so is quality, which means you should do some research on your supplier, as well as inspecting their products.

If you do your market research and create a good business plan, there’s every reason to think that your new business will be successful.