How to target different audiences in the entertainment market

The US entertainment and media industry is not only extremely popular but is also set to keep growing in the coming years. It is an enormous and varied industry in which there are several ways for businesses to grow and increase their market shares. Here are some tips on how to target different entertainment market sectors.


All sorts of people play various types of games. These individuals have diverse interests and represent several different demographics. Contrary to the stereotype, gamers are not just teenage boys – they are boys, girls, young adults and even older people. Statistics show that the largest groups of gamers are in the under-18 and 18-35 age brackets, but the 36-49 and 50 years and over age groups also make up a large proportion of game players.

When it comes to games, the variety of genres and titles means that you have plenty of options to choose from. Many people play games for money competitively through either gambling or e-sports. If you can get involved in either of these sectors through sponsoring players, then you can gain some real exposure for your brand.

Film and TV viewers

With the advent of Netflix and other streaming apps, the process of marketing to film and TV lovers has changed. Nowadays, you do not need to spend money on expensive TV ads to get people’s attention – you can advertise online on film blogs or TV review sites to expose your brand to enthusiasts. Determine how you can promote your product or service to enhance their viewing experience. Snack foods such as potato chips and popcorn have managed to associate themselves with watching TV or films.

Music lovers

Spotify has overhauled the music listening experience through a cheap subscription model and slick UI. Listeners are playing their favorite music, discovering new tunes and making playlists. This model has worked very well for the company – Spotify generated $1.24 billion in revenue in the quarter leading up to February 2018. The music industry is beginning to recover following the shock of digitization.

Spotify has ads on the free version of its service, so this is a possible way that you can market to consumers. Uber and Spotify did a joint promotion that worked very well in 2014. When customers ordered an Uber, they could also pick some music from Spotify, which then played once they got in the car. This was a fun idea that generated buzz.

You could also try teaming up with artists through sponsorships and joint promotions. These do not have to be popular artists, as the advent of the Internet means that even smaller creators can gain exposure among a large number of people.

The entertainment and media industry is only going to get bigger because nearly everyone watches TV, listens to music, plays games or does all three. Whatever your product or service, finding a way to make it appeal to at least some of this audience is highly beneficial to your brand.