How your business could benefit from greaseproof paper bags

If you run a business that serves food to the public in take away from, you’ll know that it is very hard to find the right packaging. You can spend a lot on getting bespoke boxes and wraps, or you can save yourself a lot of money and resources and go for something a little simpler. Here are the reasons why greaseproof paper bags are the best option for your business.

  1. No need for plastic

Greaseproof paper stops grease and residue from passing through the paper. This means that there is no need for plastic bags or containers in your business. The greaseproof paper bags act as a self-containing bag for your food items.

This is great for both environmentally conscious customers as well as your impact as a business on the environment. 

  1. Great way to serve takeaway food

Due to the environmental benefits of switching to greaseproof paper bags, they are the perfect method for serving any kind of food.

Whether you run a festival food business or a bricks and mortar business, there is no better way of getting your food to the customers.

  1. Cheap and Cheerful

A great thing about paper bags is that they are super cheap to buy. If you buy them at wholesale prices you can get them for under 1p per bag. This is extremely cheap and can help you keep the costs down for your business.

As well as being extremely cost effective, greaseproof bags are a great size for most food items.

Find the most cost-efficient paper bags over the the Paper Bag Co, they also have a wide range of other paper bags that you can use for your food business, including paper bags with a film front, and patterned paper bags.