Increase Sales and See Happy Customers In 2020

Most company executives believe that increase in sales and customer satisfaction don’t go hand in hand. We, at Church of Customer, know that you can keep a smile on the face of your customers while bringing more revenue to your company. Want to know our secret formula? Keep reading.

Understand: You don’t make money off customers

Words are important when you are running a business. Most businesses believe that they are making money “off” customers when in reality they are making money “from” customers. You don’t have to dupe anyone into buying your products. You don’t need to lure them via deep discounts. You just need to provide them a good business.

When your business is customer-oriented, you find it easy to make customers happy while filling your coffers. When customers feel valued, they come back to your business and help you grow your income exponentially. This is our first mantra at Church of Customer.

Always get a competitive advantage

In an ideal market, most businesses are providing similar offerings at almost similar rates. However, it becomes imperative to get a competitive advantage over your peers. If you are a pastry shop, offer a unique sweet. If you are a bank, focus on providing better customer service. If you are a B2B company, focus on better client relationship management. There should be one defining feature of your company that truly segregates you from the rest of your peers.

Don’t go overboard

In 2020, say goodbye to trying too hard. It is fairly common to come across Twitter accounts of various brands posting tweets like real human beings. They are feeling happy and depressed. While this may sound cute and bring tons of retweets and engagement, the truth is that most people are creeped out by such conversations. It is uncanny and unnatural. Therefore, you must not try too hard to connect with your audience. People do not come to eat at your restaurant because it talks like a real human on a social network. They come to you because of the food you serve. More brands will realize this at the turn of the decade.

Think about keeping customers

A big problem with new businesses is that they want to gain a large customer base as soon as possible. As a result of this, they are often unable to focus on older customers who may provide them repeat business. You must understand that a customer made is a customer kept. Ignoring your old customers in favor of the new could make them feel alienated and the guaranteed business you could get from them is not promised. So, make sure you strike a healthy balance between the old and the new.

At Church of Customer we believe that good products and services always keep the people coming, which helps in organic and sustainable growth of a business. If you want to create a business that doesn’t follow the “easy come, easy go” approach, follow these guidelines and watch your revenue grow.