Leveraging the New York Prime Location Brand

I suppose this can be applied to pretty much any brand which has collectively had some kind of prestige constructed around it and not just a location-based brand such as New York. In fact, there are many other cities around the world which are brands in themselves, such as how there’s a specific street in London where the office space is at a premium and so any business which bears an address in that street is automatically highly regarded. Our focus in on New York in particular though, because we can say what we like, however, it would be hard to argue with the observation that New York is probably the number one brand in terms of the full complement of business and entrepreneurship, culture (particularly pop-culture), and the shaping of how modern day life ideally plays out.

I don’t have to say it, do I? However, I am going to go ahead and say it – “If you make it in New York, you can make it anywhere!”

Considering how things are in reality however, that may be somewhat of a cliché, because as much as the tough business environment of the likes of New York is indeed one which would have the toughest of entrepreneurs or businesspersons really testing themselves and sharpening their skills, that doesn’t necessarily mean they would cut it in even tougher business environments from around the world. The important thing is that they believe it and that everybody who is directly or indirectly associated with what is effectively brand New York, perpetuates these mantras like they truly believe them 100%!

There are many different ways through which you can leverage your mere association with something like the brand that revolves around a prestigious location as New York, even if you’re not “born and raised” there.

For instance, taking and going on to pass a New York real estate prep exam would indicatively mean that you’re well on your way to earning some good money in the local real estate industry, but the mere fact that yours was a New York prep exam you aced for that specific real estate market automatically has you associated with having some kind of authority in the market, generally and not just in that specific region. If you want to work as a real estate advisor, for example, having the real estate credentials associated with New York City holds more weight than those which are acquired in relation to pretty much any other destination around the world.

Leveraging the New York prime location brand is something which can be done in more than one way though, transcending the real estate market. For example, as much as they’re probably not licensed to do so in any way, some clothing retailers simply print “New York” on some t-shirts they bought from China and then sell them for what the consumer market automatically justifies a premium price!

If everybody else is doing it, then why not you? Find a way to leverage the New York prime location brand…