Tell-It-Like-It-Is Marketing Explored

Whether they’re contained in-house or they have their services outsourced as stand-alone, specialist marketing agencies, Marketing & Advertising teams sometimes have it really good by way of what they have to work with in delivering the message aimed at by a specific marketing campaign for a specific client. This is what is unofficially known as tell-it-like-it-is marketing and advertising where you essentially just do as the phrase suggests and tell it like it is.

There are no frills and gimmicks as none of those are needed because the solution which is being advertised is as straight-forward as solutions can get. It’s a matter of walking into a shop and picking out something you need, like toilet paper – everybody buys toilet paper perhaps without thinking twice about what brand they buy, for the most part.

It’s not as easy as that though and as a marketing and advertising team tasked with creating an advertising campaign, you will never create something like a television commercial reading something like “Need toilet paper? Buy Brand X…”

Consequently the conceptual definition of tell-it-like-it-is advertising changes in action, because you don’t quite tell it like it is, do you? That would make it all a bit too generic and to extend on the toilet paper example, your generic advertisement would really just be an advert for toilet paper in general, even if your specific brand is quite prominently displayed or referenced in any way.

So the dynamic face of tell-it-like-it-is advertising assumes the form of adding some cunning and wit in order to make the association with a specific brand name memorable. So to further extend on my toilet paper example, you might at some point forget that a specific brand is indeed that of a toilet paper manufacturer.

A growing trend that’s catching on and spreading like a wildfire really is that of how brands maintain a social media presence without ever mentioning a single word that suggests they’re selling something, indicatively their main product. The complementary ads they put out on other media such as television pretty much follow the same theme – they’re more about spreading brand awareness than an outright advertisement of the product.

Consequently, you’d have some kind of relationship formulated between a brand ambassador who likely just represents the brand by name (as the brand itself) and they’re always keen to come up with witty one-liners whether in response to public interactions or just to keep the brand in the public eye.

Tell-it-like-it-is advertising in the true sense of the term does indeed exist though, such as is the case when you see something like a billboard ad which is targeting more of a local area. Responsible Pest Control for example is a scorpion pest control specialist and given their rather specific target market these service providers can go into their marketing and advertising approaches gung-ho.

We can all learn a thing or two from service providers that practice this type of marketing because what it implies is that all that really matters is the quality of their offering.