Tips to Improve Your Store’s Interior to Boost Sales

When merchandise looks good, it will practically sell itself! On the other hand, there are places where the best products remain ignored on the shelf. The atmosphere in the store should attract customers and encourage them to make purchases repeatedly. Most retailers understand that there are times when sales slump or when there is a decline in foot traffic, but the look of your store can help things pick back up. 

From using a Lowes promo code to improving your store layout, you can take control of your product movement. Here are tips to improve your store’s interior to boost sales. 

The Best Store Layout

It is necessary to understand that the size and shape of your store floor will affect your sales. Using the right floor layout will help to improve traffic and increase sales. Major layout types include the grid layout, loop layout, and free-flow layout. 

Consider the size of your store and what you are selling to determine the best layout for you. Smaller stores and boutiques generally prefer the free-flow layout, which allows customers to move about easily.

An Uncluttered Entryway

Create a decompression area where shoppers can transition when they come from the busy street into your store. The area just inside the front door should be open and as uncluttered as possible. 

It is vital to realize that customers need a moment to think when they get into the store. Anything you place too close to the door may go unnoticed. Do not assume that customers will be interested in the first thing they see when they walk through the door.  

Effective Advertisement

You might think that slower sales call for a reduction in marketing. The truth is that this can be the best time to advertise. You can come up with an event or promotion to increase your sales. Advertising your product on a busy website can help to draw customers to your store. 

You do not have to spend much money to develop an effective advertising plan. There are many forms of marketing, and you can use your store layout to advertise your products. In fact, you can show advertisements for your products while also keeping your in-store customers entertained. Consider making use of Atmosphere TV ( for your business which can showcase a variety of content in your store along with running customized ads for any of your products or services.

Designing Your Store

Design your store to take advantage of impulse sales opportunities and cross-merchandising strategies. Visual merchandising that involves all the senses will entice customers to spend more. You can use creative displays and lighting techniques to attract customers. 

You can also use videos around the store to educate customers about your products. Consider your target market, but remember that most people are attracted to a store that feels energetic. 

High Traffic Areas

There are areas in the store that are more important than others. Most people walk into a store and turn right. This is likely to be an area that attracts more traffic than others. The items there create the first impression. 

Take advantage of this when designing your store layout. Place your best merchandise in this area. 


You want to ensure that people have a good shopping experience when they walk into your store. Use the key display areas wisely when placing your merchandise.