What Do You Need to Offer New Customers?

Repeat customers are worth their weight in gold. They typically spend more over your relationship than a one-off customer, they will be there to refer your brand to their friends and family, and they don’t cost as much to keep loyal as single-purchase customers. That being said, you need to continuously strive to bring in new customers, and then you need to work to turn that single-purchase customer into a loyal, happy fan.

To do this, you need to offer your new customers value, and that can be done with these great methods:

  • Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising refers to tote bags or even your product packaging. A great looking souvenir can do wonders because it demands to be kept and looked at. Just getting a customer to look at a product a few times can help them remember your brand, your logo, and your slogan. When it comes to gaining repeat customers, being remembered is the first step you need to take.

As you progress, you can go further. You can sell custom hats that you designed with anthembranding.com; you can make your own t-shirt line, or sell stickers, or a variety of other content that customers can enjoy, or you can give away on qualifying orders. It’s a great way to delight them, and of course, to market your product to their friends and family in a fun, exciting way.

  • A Great Experience

Your customers need to have a great experience from start to finish. This applies online and in-store. Online you can do this by running regular audits and monitoring your analytics to note any drop-offs in terms of activity. If it seems that there are suddenly a lot of abandoned shopping carts, then there is the chance that there is a technical issue.

As for in-store, train your employees in customer service and, more importantly, how to protect themselves. Even just knowing when to get a manager instead of dealing with an angry customer can do wonders for employee morale and customer experience.

  • The Opportunity to Stay Engaged

Make it easy to sign up and stay in touch. This could be by making it a simple extra step to sign up for an account online after checking out, or it could be done by offering a discount to sign up to your email mailing list.

  • Value

When you go through the effort of obtaining their email, you need to follow up with value. Value can come in the form of curated shopping lists, DIY tutorials, style guides, inspiration guides, and more. You can even carry it on offline with special sales, custom discounts, events, and more.

  • A Reason to Return

The value is often a great reason to return on its own, but you will also want to use personalization to seal the deal. If a customer doesn’t buy a product they have in their shopping cart, remind them. If they have put their birthday, offer a birthday discount. There are many ways you can encourage customers to return through value and personalization.