10 Top Client Care Tips. Are You Following?

Small business owners have to realize that marketing their businesses should be on a consistent basis. Consistent business marketing along with an effective advertisement will go hand-on-hand to make the sale. And even though majority of sales are going online these days, a touch of off-line care will never hurt. If customers are presented with a good view of your products and credentials prior to a sales call or before they decide to buy, you are more likely to cash in.

Marketing a product does not only rely on how much it is being sold, but it is characterized by placing the appropriate message towards the appropriate customer at the appropriate time. PromotionStep agency has put together 10 simple yet powerful ways you can elegantly present your local shop at. Keep in mind that in business it is crucial to learn before you earn.

  1. Give an effort of making your customer feel special.

Customers appreciate recognition, especially nowadays where business competition is stiff. You can offer or give something extra on the items that your customer will buy. It does not have to be costly, just little thing that customer would appreciate. Like for example giving out custom koozies

  1. Customize business card for clients to keep.

Instead of giving out traditional business card that usually end up in the trash bin; customize something that will replace it. You can give a sleek notepad having your contact information. Such notepad can be used every day and has more effective remembrance factor.

  1. Cease from servicing no profit clients.

An expert concluded that not all customers are providing profit to the company. Meaning they are very much part of your regular sales, but not getting a good profit out of them. It is better to minimize servicing these customers and concentrate on others who provide the profit.

  1. Put-up an e-mail list and start sending old-fashioned letters.

Businesses today are able to use the power of e-mailing effectively. Just the same, your business can also maximize the use of such technology especially the e-mailing list. However, since e-mail marketing has been the business trend, you can easily diversify and rise above the others by sending personal, traditional mail letters to existing customers and new prospects. The letter should contain the things that the customers may want to read. It may contain new ideas useful for the addressee’s business or some valuable offers.

  1. Heighten profile at trade events.

You can have an elegant signage and printed ads materials with company and product information that can be distributed at trade events and business conferences. And of course you would definitely want to keep track of these in your area.

  1. Expose your business at parties and special events.

Organize company-sponsored event, conference or party for a cause. In that way, you can easily get to know many people and demonstrate your leadership skills on small business. The idea is to re-establish connection with present clients and make an impression to new ones.

  1. Put-up a destination.

Get a place where people can relax, have a drink and place to enjoy their favorite food. On the side, you can furnish it with your marketing paraphernalia and meet new prospects.

  1. Use social media to your advantage.

Conduct research of active e-mail community discussion lists and other online bulletin media that are related to your own business. Join as many as possible and begin to socialize by offering advice, commenting on posts or answering online questions.

  1. Connect with local media.

Your company can establish better credibility with prospects through editorial features than costly-paid ads. Your company should be ready with fresh and relevant story in order to get a good media coverage.

  1. Keep your customers.

It is a common observation in business deals that after the sales are closed, business owners tend to relax to the point of neglecting their customers. You have to do after sales service, congratulate your new customers and thank them for choosing your company to meet their needs. Feel like sending annual Christmas cards? Why not? Do not forget to follow them up regularly to get new or additional orders.