How to Make Custom Packaging Work for You

Most people don’t think about it but packaging is a direct touch point and a chance to create a memorable connection with the customer. It also happens to be one of the most under-utilised marketing opportunities for merchants. Packaging in eCommerce grew from the necessity to protect the most important thing; the product ordered by the customer. However, as ecommerce evolves and consumer habits shift, delivering a complete brand experience extends beyond the product itself. Companies like are providing branded packaging experiences with incredible benefits–low MOQs, affordable prices and completely environmentally friendly to boot! With that in mind, here is my experience of how important a branded packaging experience is, along with all the tools and resources you need to deliver a remarkable experience to your customers that they’ll want to share.

Simply put, a branded packaging experience is a thoughtful selection of packaging and shipping materials as well as the deliberately curated presentation of your products. It’s purpose is to provide additional value for your customers as well as your business through the ability to create a memorable and shareable experience. In eCommerce versus physical retail, merchants have less touch points to impress customers with so it’s important to seize every minute opportunity you do have to create a branded experience that sets you apart from competitors, as well as a memorable one that prompts a positive reception from your customers.

A well-packaged product with attention to detail encourages a positive response from buyers, evoking a real feeling of a “gift” as opposed to a purchase, as well as strengthening the link between brand and product. You don’t need to go to such extraordinary lengths to create this experience for customers. Accentuating your product and creating a well presented cohesive brand experience is as simple as understanding several basic tools, and utilising them to construct a well rounded and well received product.

An argument can be made that any product should stand on its own merits, regardless of packaging or trimmings. And yes, the quality and value of the product is undeniably important. Without the product, there would be no cause for any of this, no reason to spend the extra time engaging in customised packaging, cost effective ways to make the buyer experience just that much more enjoyable. But within the competitive world of eCommerce, it is simply not enough to sell and deliver a product. In an oversaturated market where emerging brands and seedling businesses are jostling for position, merely selling a product does not differentiate your brand from others. It is a keen understanding of brand perception, the business dynamics of social media, and a comprehensive knowledge of a customised brand experience that will encourage customer loyalty and add a much needed edge to any emerging business.

Premium packaging encourages shoppers to recommend the brand to others of their own accord. According to Dotcom’s report, referenced here, 40% of online shoppers say branded packaging makes them more likely to recommend a product to friends. And of those who have shared an experience about a brand through images or unboxing videos online, 59 percent said they did so to show off the product.

For emerging brands, this word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best ways to attract new customers. When customers are motivated to discuss a brand with others without being prompted by the brand, it’s more effective as the conversations are genuine and organic, rather than unconvincing and forced. It does not pay to be naive or underestimate the impact that social media has on ecommerce. The more well presented the product, the higher the likelihood that the customer will post or share the product in an affirming fashion. In the same Dotcom study, it was found that nearly 4 in 10 consumers would share an image of a delivery if it arrived in premium packaging. This is a perfect example of the branding experience extending far beyond the product itself, and the resulting positive repercussions in the online sphere. The online validation and recommendation fosters a sense of loyalty from customers and furthers the brand reputation, both online and in the real world.

So what’s to be done? Well for a start, putting the effort into your brand presentation and packaging can do wonders for your company. There are countless brands out there jostling for position and it’s up to you to think of the creative ways in which you can differentiate yourself.

After that it’s up to you how you’d like to define where your brand will go. Taking your presentation seriously is just the first step in the process of creating a cohesive brand identity, and more importantly, a brand that your customers resonate with and appreciate.