5 Collectible Valuables That Could Potentially Make You Millions

Collectibles can be a strange field, one that doesn’t really follow any set formula. Sometimes it’s extremely obscure collectibles that suddenly jump in value. Today we’re going to take a look at 5 types of collectible which could potentially see massive jumps over time.

Keep in mind this is never a guarantee with this type of market, so depending on the item, you will either want to consider the stability of the items value or whether you value it enough independently to keep and enjoy it anyway.

  1. Stamps

Stamps are an old and common investment. Generally seen as quite a stable and high return item – assuming you know the market well enough. Stamps which are rarer will obviously be worth more, so limited edition stamps are worth more than common versions. The more limited the issue, the higher potential value increase, as there are less stamps in circulation to begin with.

Of course, buying a few limited-edition stamps and holding them for 10 years isn’t going to cut it. The high-end stuff is much, much rarer than that. At the top end are either limited editions from 150+ years ago, or misprints from close to a century ago. Generally, these stamps have less than 20 or 30 copies in circulation. Some are even sole survivors, such as the British Guiana 1c stamp, which is valued at $9.5million! Your best bet for millions? Luck out with a printing error on a limited edition, or buy a relatively old stamp and hope it jumps in price during the coming decade or two.

  1. Trading Cards

Trading cards can be worth a whole lot of money, especially any old ones you or a family member may have tucked away in the attic. For most of us it’d be our parents or grandparents collection that held the good stuff, though you can still treat it much like an investment market and put some cash into cards you believe will jump in value. You could also get lucky at a yard sale, home clearance or unit auction.

  1. Coins

Another area which has seen generally massive growth, much like the two before, are coins. Investing in coins comes in two types. The first is minted sovereign/bullion coin investing, such as a collection of Austrian coins or American eagle coins. The second is purchasing rarer coins in the hope of a large value increase. Once again it’s the rarest coins, generally old misprints, that are worth the most.

  1. Sports Memorabilia

Sports memorabilia can be a great potential market as well. Getting lucky and catching a game ball or find something incredibly old at a yard sale is a possibility. The more common option is to grab some signed, rare memorabilia early on and hope it rockets in value due to events. The bat Babe Ruth hit his first home run at Yankee stadium with is worth over a million alone, so spotting a future hall of famer real early and grabbing something they’ve actually performed with could be a good bet – especially if the event stands out for any reason.

  1. Books

Books can vary a bit more in value than some of the other items listed. Basically, with these the value depends on demand, and so can be affected a lot by time and place of sale. The liquidity of books is also quite low, and dealers tend to have large mark-ups so you’ll need a big increase to see a return. With that said, books are seen as a great long-term investment, and the really rare ones can be worth obscene amounts of money.