5 Smarter Ways to Gamble Online

While online gambling already comes with its own set of commonly known risks, you don’t want to add to that by making any rookie mistakes in how, or where, you play. Winning your next wager is never a guarantee, but there are things you can look out for to keep your outlook looking good. Keep your loses low and profitability high by remembering these five smart way to gamble online more successfully.

#1 – Find a Safe, Secure Site

Before you whip out your bank card so you can start spinning those reels, you’ll want to pump the brakes and do some thorough research first before you give out your card information to just any site. Factor in reputation, fee structure, and payout processing into your decision-making process. Consider known names in the online gambling industry as a means of verifying the validity of a site. Trusted online casinos will also hold operating licenses at a government level.

#2 – Manage Your Bankroll

It’s important to set boundaries into place before you even get into the game. Why? Because in online betting, you win some, and you lose some. Here are few key things to remember: Know your bet range, set a budget, and keep track of your expenses. Since many online betting sites accept credit card deposits, you can even utilize personal bank statements as an effective way to track deposits and withdrawals. Try to keep a routine eye on your bankroll though, doing a thorough weekly evaluation on it if possible.

#3 – Don’t Keep Playing for Comps

Just like shopping for credit card rewards, you never want to spend more to earn points then they’re worth. The same logic applies to online play. Gamblers can have a bad habit of over-extending their play as a means of earning more comps. Here’s a fact to keep close to heart: Online casinos (and land-based casinos for that matter) typically only comp players on between 0.1% and 0.3% of their total wagers. Remember those comp rates the next time you feel tempted to keep playing just to collect rewards.

#4 – Take Advantage of Comps

While you never want to make comp collecting the sole focus of your online gambling experience, you also want to make sure you’re not failing to receive them at all. If you’re going to be playing casino games, you should be earning rewards on what you play. The way to make sure you’re making yourself eligible and available to earn comps is by signing up for the loyalty program on an online casino’s website.

#5 – Avoid Sticking to Betting Systems

While it’s good to rely on some strategies when making bets, it can also be at the player’s detriment. Betting strategies that involve wagering in a specific way can help win you a lot of money in the short term, but they can also fool you into thinking that you’re on a hot streak. What’s important to consider is the house edge, and the house edge is something that strategies can’t predict or stand against.

Changing up betting patterns can have a profitable short-term effect, but they’re not something you want to rely on for long-term winning. The only surefire way to beat gambling over the long term involves becoming an advantage player.