Red Flags During a Job Interview That Tell You Not to Hire a Candidate

You need to interview a candidate for a job because you want to gather more information. You want to know if the person is right for the job. You also want to see the person’s attitude and interest in taking the position. You can test their communication skills too, especially if they are crucial for doing the job.

Some candidates will excel during the interview since it is their opportunity to prove themselves. However, there might be some candidates who will exhibit attitudes and qualities you might consider as a red flag.

Arriving late 

Time is essential in any business, and if the person who wants the job cannot offer a valid excuse for being late, it shows that there could be a tendency to repeat this behaviour. You want someone who arrives on time since it shows respect for your time.

Poor grooming

Sometimes, you can’t see the potential of a person judging by their looks. However, you need to understand that the job requires someone to look pleasant when dealing with others. The person will also work in a professional environment, and good grooming is a must. If a person arrives with messy hair, wrinkled clothes and dirty fingernails, you need to worry. If that person could not even groom themselves well for a job interview, you can only imagine how much worse it might be if they are hired for the job.

Being unprepared 

You want someone who is ready to do the job even before being hired. If that person arrives without a resume and anything to write information on, you can say that the person is probably not ready to take on the responsibility. The quality of their responses also shows how willing they are to do the job, or if they have even read the job description.

Complaints regarding previous employers 

You don’t want to employ someone who badmouths former bosses. The applicant might do the same to you in the future. If given questions regarding their previous employer, the responses need to be honest. However, they also need to filter their words or not comment if what they will say can hurt the reputation of their previous employers.

Reason for leaving their previous job is unacceptable 

One of the questions you need to ask during the interview is the reason for leaving their last post. The most common responses are the end of a contract and the quest for a better future. If they answered something disturbing like getting fired for a potential crime or dispute with the employer, you need to consider other choices.

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