7 Surprising Elements of Your Website That May Be Costing You Visitors and Sales

You might think your website looks and feels great, but is it actually built to drive the sales you really need? You’d be surprised how many online ventures these days don’t think about simple things like conversion rates and if their site layout and features are really working for them. Oftentimes, they might actually be working against them. In this article, we’re going to look at a few specific features that could be driving sales away from your site, and how to fix them. A detailed review of wix could help you get started to your online success, but here are the tips first…

1. Load times

If your website takes ages to load, you’re going to lose customers. it’s as simple as that. The longer your site takes to load, the more people will click away. Make sure you’ve got the best hosting and a page design that loads as quickly as possible on all platforms. That means optimizing for mobile as well as ensuring you don’t have too many images or other media on each page.

2. Pop-ups

Distractions are a big no-no for having a successful website. Especially if they draw people away from your main offer or where you want them to be spending money. Make sure you’ve got as few distractions as possible, and that means minimizing or completely eradicating pop-ups. The only place you should really consider a pop-up is when someone tries to exit your page as a last-ditched attempt to keep them around. There’s less to lose that way. But don’t bombard people with pop-ups when they arrive at your site.

3. Music

You might think people like music when they arrive at your site, but most of them probably don’t. It can be one surefire way to get people to close their browser window as soon as they arrive on your site.

4. Images

Images don’t just increase load times, they can also serve as distractions. You should obviously have some images on your site, but make sure they aren’t distracting from your offer or slowing down your pages.

5. External Ads

While it’s good to get a bit of extra cash from other sources, like ads on your site—make sure you don’t have too many of them. Your main concern should be your own products and offers, not third-party ads. Too many of them could distract visitors and encourage them to click away too soon.

6. Compatibility issues

Make sure your site works on all sorts of devices, including mobile and other operating systems. If it doesn’t, you could lose visitors. Make sure you’ve tested as much as you can on different browsers and systems.

7. Poor copy Don’t neglect the importance of a good sales copy on your website. You might think you can write this yourself, but a proper copywriter will be able to create content that really works for your business, speaks to your visitors, and ultimately makes more sales. There’s a big difference between good copy and great copy, and that difference could make you a lot more money in the long run.