Amping Up Your Visual Presence: What Can a Style Improvement Do for Your Retail Sales Conversion?

Potential customers visit your store everyday with the intent to buy. However, they leave after a few moments of browsing having never made a purchase. Figuring out how to finalize the sale on these lost costumers will have a BIG impact on your overall sales. Amping up your visual presence will help close the sale. It’s not hard to do but it does take attention to detail. Following are a few ideas to help improve your style and thereby increase your retail sales conversion. 

Why aren’t they buying?

The first step in understanding how to improve your sales conversion is to figure out why people don’t buy. They are in the store, they are browsing, but they aren’t completing the sale. Why? Take a few minutes to simply observe. Are the “hot” items visible and physically accessible? Is there clutter or even other customers in the way? What is the flow of traffic in your store and where does it bottle neck? There are high retail areas and lower retail areas in every store. Consider rotating product regularly through these locations or redesigning the flow of the store to keep the customer browsing longer. This provides more time for employees to interact and answer any questions that the customer may have. Central Market and IKEA are great examples on how to design the layout of a store for maximum conversion. 

Increase Visual Appeal

Your image is your calling card. This is displayed in your store’s branding, marketing, hiring choices, products, and even in the store’s layout. Paying attention to how to improve your in-store style communicates the value of the products you are offering. Bill Cosby as Dr. Huxtable once said, “You see, it’s in the presentation. That’s the way she brought you here…. on a garbage can lid.” (view the full clip on Youtube). Presentation matters. If a well made valuable product is presented poorly then it will communicate to the shopper that the product is lesser then it is. One way to elevate the look of a product is by using maple slatwell panels.  These retail store fixtures increase the visual appeal of the product and come in a variety of styles to allow you to maximize your retail store’s personality. Another way to improve visual appeal is through the use of cardboard display stands.

Improve Uniforms

Another style improvement is in the dress of your employees. Do they wear uniforms or if you are a clothing store the store’s clothing with an easy to identify name tag? If not, how does the customer know who to approach? Customers need to have easy access to your employees. Being easily identified by what they are wearing is the simplest way to communicate their availability to the customer. The next question to ask about the uniform is whether or not it projects the personality of the store.  Are your employees comfortable and proud of their uniform? How they feel about what they are wearing puts them in a good or bad move that directly impacts whether or not the potential customer stays or flees.

A style improvement in flow, retail store fixtures, and employee appearance will go a long way in increasing your retail sales conversions. The little details go a long way in creating a welcoming atmosphere. The better able you are to communicate your style the more likely you are to attract loyal customers and employees who are proud of the products.