Convincing Reasons to Prefer No-Win No-Fee Lawyers over Fixed-Fee Lawyers

Accidents at work can never be predicted. Australia has already lost 8 valuable lives of workers at work in 2018, and all of this in the presence of proper safety measures.

Injuries account for higher numbers compared to loss of life. Injured workers are usually paid compensation, but a victim of workplace injury may lose a handsome amount of compensation due to unawareness, wrong information, hesitation and confusion about hiring workers’ compensation lawyers in Sydney.

A common confusion that arises is whether to hire fixed fee lawyers or no-win no-fee lawyers in Sydney.

In this article, we will help you decide who you should go for and why!

What does ‘no-win no-fee’ mean?

It unambiguously means that you don’t have to pay your lawyer if you lose the case – not even operating and administrative costs.

What if you hire a fixed fee lawyer?

In this case, you are asked to make upfront payments and there is no refund policy. Whether you lose or win you claim, what you pay, you lose for sure.

Then who should I choose for my compensation claim?

There are two scenarios;

  1. If you want to lose what you already have without any guarantee of winning compensation, you are good to go with a fixed fee lawyer in Sydney.
  2. If you don’t want to lose what you already have and win the compensation claim with solid guarantee, you must go for no-win no-fee lawyers in Sydney.

Why should you go with no-win no-fee option?

In addition to the guarantee of winning, there are certain other reasons to go with this option which we will explain below.

They strive to get you highest possible compensation

No-win no-fee lawyers receive their expenses back and a percentage of the compensation money along with it. Therefore, they leave no stone unturned to ensure that you get the maximum amount in compensation. As a result, both parties benefit.

You stand to lose nothing

Since you pay no fee upfront out of your pocket, you stand to lose nothing at all. You might wonder ‘I can lose my case and it will be the ultimate disaster for me. It would be even worse.’

Yes, losing the case is one of the possibilities.  But there is a secret behind how lawyers work on this model in Sydney. If the lawyer has accepted your case, he or she is more than 100% sure to win the case. They are too busy and won’t risk their fee if they suspect failure. In simple words, they paint a transparent picture of the possible results unlike fixed fee lawyers.

We hope you have no more confusion, about how the system works and why you should hire no-win no-fee lawyers in Sydney if the need arises.