Are you sure you know everything on temporary access mats?

With the onset of Spring comes wet working conditions due to soft ground. This makes it tougher for the trucks to move around without affecting the surrounding work place. If you question the move’s trucks of companies like, you’ll find them reporting extreme difficulties moving their trucks for work. During this time, the construction zones reroute their traffic temporarily to areas that are not easily accessible.

The traffic could be passenger vehicle, pedestrian, pickup trucks, heavy duty trucks, bulldozers and cranes. Temporary access mats are one of the most practical and affordable way of creating a temporary path to allow important traffic to the construction zone. Here are few things to know on access mats.

Materials used for making Mats

Temporary access mats or roadways are made of hardwood materials like oak or a mixture of various hardwoods. The material used is extremely durable and can withstand huge pressure without breaking or flexing. The wood that is used in firms like is treated to prevent splitting and rotting. They’re also composite mats that are made with HDPE or high-density polyethylene.

How are temporary access mats used?

The temporary access mats can be widely used for various purposes and this means that there are various kinds of mats that are better suited to the load that they will support. If you choose a light duty mat, this will be tailored to meet the needs of small machineries that weigh up to 15-20 tons. Light weight mats are a good option for rerouting pedestrian traffic.

A medium duty mat is able to support up to 40 tons of weight and hence the most commercial cars, vehicles and four-wheelers can travel on this kind of access mat. On the other hand, a heavy duty mat is able to support cranes and different other heavy-duty machinery. Due to their varied uses, they are considered a great choice for oil fields, swamps and other staging areas.

Why should temporary access mats be used?

Temporary access mats are extremely beneficial not just because they can make it easier for the traffic to move around and move through a construction site. Thanks to the access mats that the ground can be protected from erosion, destruction and compaction. They even prevent the hampering of environmental and agricultural operations that are presently in the area. The safety quotient of the job is also increased with the help of access mats. They offer a stable surface for heavy machinery to travel to prohibit accidents that may lead to an unstable ground.

A quick list of the benefits

  • Safeguards the ground beneath and prevents environmental damage
  • Improves accessibility of large vehicles and equipment
  • Easy-to-install, chemical and water resistant, weather-proof
  • Offers multiple connection options
  • Cost-effective as they’re made with reused wood

If you wish to purchase temporary access mats, you may get to know on all sorts of merchant services for easier and effortless payment options. Keep in mind all the above listed advantages before using them.