Best Apps to End Cable TV Subscriptions & Save Money

With Internet being more widespread, it has provided alternatives for viewers to watch premium TV content than it did in the past. It has opened up avenues for many online streaming services which are now widely available. Below is a list of apps which I came across recently that provides suggestions to watch premium content on mobile. I specifically found it very useful as I try to transition from cable TV to an internet-based streaming TV.

Apps to Make Cable Cutting Transition Easier

Use a remote streaming device to watch TV without a cable

Gone are the days when you had to set up antennas and cables to get premium content on your TV. With more channels being added to the services very often, you might be wondering how to watch TV without cable or satellite. There are many live streaming devices and apps available which is an important component to have the best cord cutting setup. So, should you cut the cord? Or should you get a no cable antenna? The answer depends on your preference. However, should you require a live stream TV set up, there are many options available in the market.

Evaluate the benefits of live streaming before making the switch from cable TV

Besides cutting the cord also means that there will be no more contracts nor monthly cable fees. Additionally, you could also watch live stream TV even when you are on the go through your mobile. As such, streaming surpasses cable by a long way. But with the rising demand for live streaming apps, are cable companies in trouble? I wouldn’t think so. Internet-based streaming still requires a strong internet connection which most haven’t yet subscribed for. It’s still in its infancy and therefore the cable TV operators need to strategize accordingly to counter this gap.

There’s enough time for cable TV operators to adopt to the rising demand and such as long as they take the necessary steps towards it, they should probably be still in the game. In fact, it may take some time for the market to adopt to this new trend of switching from cable TV subscription to a live streaming service.

Subscribe to a livestream service to watch TV on the go

There are a lot of ways to watch internet-based streaming TV as a cord cutter. If you have a smart TV, a smartphone or a tablet, you have the right device to watch TV without cable or satellite. Simply download the popular apps such as YouTube, Netflix or Hulu and you’re good to go. Alternatively, you could purchase certain devices that can either take the form of a thumb drive or even a set-top box such as Apple TV or Chrome TV.

Live TV streaming is becoming more common especially with the ability to watch TV on your daily commute or even when you’re in a transit flying to another part of the world. With more devices being made available in the market for streaming TV online, there has been a rise in its popularity and has made most of us to become a cord cutter. 

Additionally, if you travel quite often, you might want to watch your favourite shows on the go. However, sometimes, you may not be able to view certain streaming services given the location that you are in. In such a scenario, you could consider using VPN apps such as NordVPN to change the IP address.


Though most of us have a smartphone or any smart device to watch internet-based streaming TV, you should explore options of the best service that you would want to proceed with. This would depend on the cost, the type of channels that are broadcast that match your requirements and the service availability in your current location.