Convert more cold sales emails with social proof (infographic)

Cold sale emails can be tricky to get right for a lot of sales teams. When you send out a lot of emails to people you may not know, only about 2-3% of them will actually respond with interest. This typically happens because they don’t know you or you aren’t sending them anything relevant to their business. So rather than respond, most cold emails end up in the spam folder.

Regardless, cold outbound sale email campaigns work. The most important aspect of sending cold sales emails is making sure that people open them and respond with interest. This can be done in several ways but recently a team of outbound sales experts conducted a study on how “social proof” can help increase your cold email open rates.

And, there are three ways you can incorporate it into your emails.

  • Mentioning a famous customer increased open rates by 208%
  • Mentioning a prominent investor increased open rates by 111%
  • Mentioning shared LinkedIn contacts increased open rates by 468%

Check out the infographic below to learn how to supercharge your cold outbound email campaigns.