Developing a Maintenance Plan for Your Cooling Tower? Read This

If you would like your International Cooling Tower to function optimally, then it is vital to have a maintenance plan that involves water treatment and cleaning of the system. These are essential parts of a maintenance plan that you cannot ignore. 

The steps listed below will help you to formulate a proper plan that will make your system more efficient and last longer.  

1. Understand and Calculate the Cycles 

Cycles of concentration are simply the ratio of the solids in makeup water to the dissolved solids in blowdown water. Where TDS is the Total Dissolved Solids, this formula is best calculated as:

Cycles of concentration= TDS of blowdown water÷ TDS of makeup water. 

The best way of doing this is to ensure that you expand the cycles of concentration without making the amounts of TDS unbearable. 

2. Reduce the Amount of Water Loss

It is crucial to ensure that your plan has methods to reduce the impact on the environment. You can do this is by reducing the amount of water loss and the amount of waste that you produce. If you want to maximize on the cycles of concentration, then you can reuse water.

It is, however, essential to reduce the production of bacteria in reused water. You, therefore, only have to reuse water if it holds your towers required standard to prevent the formation of scale and bacteria production.

3. Have Alternative Water Sources

If you are keen on lowering your cooling tower maintenance costs, you can do this by reducing the consumption of municipal water and having alternative sources of water. Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Treating Blowdown water and reusing it
  • Recovering moisture from the system
  • Managed sources from on-site processes

Ensure you Have a Working Air Handler Coil Conservation System

The importance of checking areas of your cooling tower for scale, corrosion, and sludge cannot be over-emphasized. If the coils of your air handler are dirty or damaged, then they can compromise the efficiency of your system. If the dirty coils are not cleaned well, then the coils will not transmit heat as they should.

Additionally, the system will have a more significant burden to regulate temperatures. This can result in an over-worked system. Also, your order will need more power to operate, which may drive up the cost of running it efficiently. 

Even if you feel confident about having the best cooling tower maintenance plans, it is vital to seek the services of professional technicians to ensure that your system is working optimally. This will allow you to have a second opinion concerning your system processes and whether you are implementing the correct procedures.

Additionally, a professional can tell you if your maintenance plan is suitable for your system and whether there are any areas in it that you can improve on. 

Without regular cleaning and frequent treatment of your cooling tower system, then your maintenance plan will not help much in the function of your tower.