Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurialism: How to Market your Green Business

Is your green business ready to take that next all-important step in its development? If your progressive organization is to smash through that proverbial glass ceiling in the foreseeable future, you are going to need to optimize your marketing efforts – pronto! The sooner you improve your advertising endeavors, the quicker you will start to attract the attention you truly need to force societal change through awareness, and stronger business connections to those who can help.

If you want to enhance your eco-friendly company’s standing and reputation, be sure to heed the advice laid out below. Here are three things you must do to market your green business:

Make use of text messaging

If you want to cut out the middleman and transmit your eco-friendly message straight to your target audience members, you should take full advantage of text messaging. Once you incorporate an SMS marketing model into your overall promotional outlook, you will stand to reap the following benefits daily:

1. 90% open rates within 3 minutes (view source here)

2. Instantaneous interactions

3. Cross-carrier/device

4. 0% spam

Thanks to a cross-promotional partnership with Tatango, you can even add text messaging to ActBlue marketing. This will allow you to combine your SMS alerts with cutting-edge fundraising tools, which in turn will help you target the right potential investors at exactly the right times.

Attach your logo to sustainable products

Logo advertising will help you make more people aware of your business, there is no doubt about that, but you should still err on the caution when you take this marketing route. If you fail to attach your logo to goods that are conducive to your eco-friendly image, your green reputation will be tarnished. For this reason, when you do embrace logo advertising, you absolutely must attach your logo to sustainable products.

Here are a few eco-friendly goods that you should consider attaching your logo to:

1. Clothes made from fabric that has already undergone the recycling process

2. Footwear made of wool

3. Reusable hot drink mugs/stainless steel bottles

4. Recycled toilet paper

5. Biodegradable bags

6. Reusable food wraps

7. Fairtrade organic towels

8. 100% recycled aluminum foil

9. Eco-touch computers

10. Eco-friendly phone cases

Inject the color green into your brand visuals

Embracing the color green is a simple yet effective way to market your environmental organization. By injecting hints of green into your brand visuals (your title, your logo, your company website’s homepage, etc.), you will clearly showcase that your business offers sustainable services.

If you want to succeed in your campaign for sustainable societal change, you must spread the word about your green business far and wide. To achieve this crucial feat most efficiently and effectively, you are going to need to heed the marketing advice listed above. Once you make use of text messaging, attach your logo to sustainable products, and inject the color green into your brand visuals, you will no doubt find yourself attracting a much larger number of customers, investors, and supporters.