Five Quick SEO Tips for Your Online Business

In order to succeed as an online business, it’s essential to understand at least the very basics of Search Engine Optimization. Without a solid SEO strategy, it is very unlikely for your page will naturally appear high up Google or other search engines when people search for a product or service similar to the one you offer. Nonetheless, just a little SEO is better than none, meaning that your SEO outreach can be boosted in just a few simple ways. This guide will take you through five easy tips for your online business.


Identify an Achievable Keyword to Rank For

Try as you might, but you’re never going to rank for a keyword such as “Google” on your website, but you might be able to rank for something like “Google Marketing Services”. It’s all about finding your niche and a way to communicate that with a potential user so they can understand what you offer and have a way to find you. After this, install a plug-in on your website that lets you know how many times you should be using that particular keyword and the best places to put it, including the:

SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions

These are website basics that a lot of people still miss out on. Simply put, the SEO title and meta description is what you see when a search result appears on Google. While the SEO title should be between 65 and 90 characters long, the meta description should clock in between 155 and 160 characters. The really important part here is to include your keyword in both parts! If you don’t see them appearing when you create a new post, then you will need to install a plug-in. For example, for WordPress users, Yoast has become the gold standard when it’s time to install basic SEO features on your website. 


Outsource Your White Hat SEO

If you don’t have time to do your SEO yourself, then the second-best option is to outsource your white hat SEO to someone else. There are a variety of services available online that can do this for you. For example, check out the services available at Click Intelligence, a company that’s able to quickly scale up your services and get you ranking on the Google search engine.


Increase Your Website Loading Times

Google rewards websites that load quickly while punishing those that load slowly. That’s why it’s essential to have pages that load in only a matter of seconds. Try and compress images, minify CSS, Javascript and HTML, and remove any complicated plug-ins for a much faster loading time.


Add Yourself to Google News

For a quick boost of SEO traffic, becoming a part of the daily Google News page for a particular blog post is a really smart option. Directly head on over to Google News to sign up to the publication page or write smart, of-the-moment blog posts that will be quickly captured by their algorithm!

Just remember to always write above 300 words to clear the recommended minimum requirement for word count!