5 Foolproof Ways to Nail Facebook Advertising

Whether you’re new to the world of Facebook advertising or a seasoned pro, it’s always worth taking time to ensure you’re doing everything you can to optimize your ads. With Facebook boasting 2.7 million active users, that presents a huge opportunity for your brand. Get it right and you’ll be greatly rewarded! What’s more, Facebook advertising is one of the cheaper forms of advertising which makes it more accessible for businesses with smaller budgets to reach their target audience.  

1. Consider your audience

Before you start to consider Facebook advertising, do the research on your target audience. Draw up a profile of them including everything from their online habits and purchasing patterns to their age, sex, hobbies and interests. By doing this you will have a clear picture of who it is your targeting which will allow you to be more strategic in your approach. 

2. Craft your message

Getting the message right is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to any form of advertising. You have very little time to capture the attention of those screen scrollers. Make sure you convey your product, it’s USPs and any promotions you have, in as few words as possible. Choose the most appealing part of your message to lead the way. Hint: that’s usually an offer or promotion! 

3. Use the right tone

It’s likely that your brand already has a distinct tone of voice, so make sure you use it. It’s important to stay consistent in your communications with customers. If you’re still building the brand then make sure you use a tone of voice that’s appropriate for your target audience. Whether you’re a medical clinic looking to build trust or a fun clothing brand trying to attract tweens, nail the tone and you’ll attract the right audience more easily. 

4. Get the visuals right

Social media is very visual. Once you’ve understood your audience, written your message, and secured your tone of voice, it’s time to think about the look of your ad. Make sure the visual you use to accompany your Facebook advertising message is eye-catching and reflective of your offering. Avoid using standard stock images and instead create something truly unique. 

5. Stick to the rules

When it comes to Facebook advertising, the social media giant is often changing the rules. Make sure you keep up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations to avoid damaging your brand or getting in Facebook’s bad books! Certain words are banned, and some products cannot be advertised on Facebook at all so be sure to do your homework. Alternatively, you could always contact a Facebook advertising company who can help you create ads which are not only approved by Facebook but will help bring more customers to your business.