Forex Trading Alerts and Brokers

If you’re looking for Forex brokers and alerts, then ForexRev is a great choice. ForexRev allows you to search for the right Forex broker and be alerted with the recent trading Forex trading alerts. 

The Forex market is already a challenging field, so let’s make it easy for you.

Forex Brokers

ForexRev is a great place to search for reviews, ratings, and more details about most Forex brokers. A credible broker is important because you entrust your funds to him or her. In this website, you can share your insights about your broker and learn about the experience of others.

ForexRev shows a list of Forex brokers with their specific details. Find out what leverages they provide, their experience on the market or how much deposit they require. To look for a specific broker, use the search engine on the main page.

There are many types of brokers: MM brokers, ECN brokers, STP brokers, and NDD brokers. 

  • The Market Maker (MM) broker literally creates its own market by adding the necessary fees to the current rates of the interbank market. This type of brokers offers protection against the negative balance on your account but they’re often suspected of trading against you.
  • The ECN brokers are the most challenging rivals of the MM brokers. Such brokers work as a mediator between you and the interbank system.
  • The STP brokers also work as a mediator in transactions, like the ECN brokers. This type of brokers passes orders to its liquidity providers unknowingly. They earn their fees based on the commission of placed orders.
  • The NDD broker is quite similar to the MM model but it doesn’t involve the broker in creating transactions. All transactions happen without re-quotes, speeding up the order executions. 

For your convenience, ForexRev also shows you the ranking of each type of brokers. 

Forex Alerts

ForexRev offers trading alerts whenever the circumstance requires it. It shows the live rates of 30 currency pairs in 3 currency groups. Such currency groups include major currency pairs, minor pairs, and exotic pairs.

  • The major currency pairs are the most traded currency pairs in the Forex market. All pairs contain the US Dollar on one side. Some major currency pairs include AUD/USD, GBP/USD, and EUR/USD. 
  • The minor pair currency group is further subdivided into 6 crosses: Euro, Japanese Yen, Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, and Canadian Dollar. The value of these pairs is calculated according to the USD rate. 
  • The exotic pairs are currencies from emerging economies. They consist of 9 currencies paired with USD. Expect lower liquidity of this group in the market and higher commissions asked by brokers.

Besides the current chart and historical chart of currency pairs, ForexRev also offers information about the live macroeconomic data worldwide through its economic calendar. Simply click on a particular indicator to know its meaning and historical data.

Use the trading alters correctly and you can improve your trading performance. Let ForexRev help you!