How Does Branded Tissue Paper Help Bring in More Customers?

Your business runs on customers, and sometimes it takes more than just great products and top service to win them over and keep bringing them back. That doesn’t need to mean spending thousands on an advertising campaign – plenty of businesses will find themselves bringing in more customers simply by adding branded tissue paper to their packaging.

Here are just a few reasons why.

Advertises Your Business

Advertising is the best benefit you get from branded tissue paper. By adding your name to that part of the packaging, shoppers will be reminded of your business. Building brand identity can reinforce your position in people’s memories, and it’s an especially attractive benefit if your products are being used as gifts – instead of just the buyer being exposed to your packaging, a fresh group of people will see it.

Signals Quality

You might think that spending a little more on branded tissue paper is a waste of money, but the fact is that that extra investment can show people you’re literally invested in quality. It’s hard for people not to form a negative impression when your packaging has clearly all been chosen for affordability rather than brand appeal. By using branded tissue paper, you signal your commitment to quality – people will often see your products as higher value simply based around that packaging, which means they’ll be more likely to come back and spend again.

Improves the Unboxing Process

Retailers across the world are giving more thought to the unboxing process, especially as more and more orders are made digitally without the traditional advantages of face-to-face contact. By making the unboxing process something special, people will feel better about your business and appreciate that you’ve gone the extra mile. Simply branding your tissue paper with a more interesting design than basic white can go a long way.