How to ensure smooth transition to QuickBooks hosting?

There is no denial in the fact that QuickBooks desktop is extremely amazing accounting software that can be used by each and every type of business. Whether you are running a logistic firm or construction firm, you can go for this amazing accounting software without any second thought. Along with the advanced accounting tools, it is very much easy to use this robust accounting software. With this powerful accounting software, you can manage your books on your own and you don’t need to be an accounting expert.

But even the desktop version of this accounting software has certain limitations and this is why now people are shifting to the amazing cloud hosted version of this software. You should know that if you will have to shift to the cloud platform then you will have to choose a good QB hosting provider but you should know that a good hosting provider ensures a smooth transition to the cloud by using tried and tested methods. Without a smooth transition to the cloud, you will never be able to introduce the cloud accounting solution in a precise way to your employees and it is very necessary for your employees to feel comfortable with QuickBooks hosting if you want to use the solution at its peak efficiency.

So, let’s see what are the things to look at while shifting to the cloud platform in order to ensure smooth transition.

Data migration

One of the major concerns that most of the businesses while moving to the cloud is data migration. You should know that the financial data of a company is the most important data any organization owns and nobody is ready to compromise with this data. If you are not aware about the cloud then you will be always worried about data loss and data migration during the shift to cloud. You will need to make sure that cloud vendor that you have chosen uses tried and tested methods in order to make sure that the data migration happens perfectly. Most of the cloud vendors will either guide you through the data migration process or they will do it by themselves. The latter on is always a better option because with data migration in your hand, the chances of error increase.

Safety and Accessibility of cloud platform

If you are going to shift on the cloud platform with your accounting software then you will always wish to have complete accessibility along with complete security. If you want to ensure smooth transition to QuickBooks Enterprise hosting then you will need to make sure that the cloud vendor offers basic password protection along with other security measures like data encryption, anti-malware protection, two-factor authentication and intrusion prevention or detection system. In addition to this, you will also need to make sure that the cloud vendor offers 99.95% of high uptime otherwise you will never be able to ensure smooth transition to the cloud platform.

If you will make sure that the safety and accessibility provided by the cloud vendor is of top quality then you will surely have no problem during the transition. But if these two factors will go unchecked, then transition to the cloud will surely become a headache for you.

Clear all your queries and doubts

It doesn’t matter which type of concern you have or how basic your doubt is, you should never step back from getting proper answers to your questions regarding the cloud service. The more clear you will be regarding the hosted QuickBooks service, the more smooth the transition to the cloud will be. If your chosen cloud vendor is not showing interest in answering your question and if their response time is very long then you should consider switching to another cloud vendor.

You should keep the transition to the cloud on hold until you get all your doubts clear. Whether the question is regarding the multi-user access or regarding the certification of the data center being used by the cloud provider. You will need to make everything clear. An ideal cloud vendor will always be ready to clear your doubts and keep everything transparent regarding the transition.

Go through rating and reviews

Another good way to make sure that you go through smooth transition to cloud is to go through the rating and reviews of the cloud vendor that you have chosen. But there are many companies that post their own rating and reviews. This is why you should step up to the plate, and directly contact the people who have given the rating and reviews to the cloud vendor. If their contact information is not available then you can ask the cloud vendor to give contact information of their current or previous clients.

By following all the tips mentioned in this blog post, you can ensure quick and smooth transition to the cloud platform without any hassle.

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