How to Improve Your Hiring Process

Hiring the right person for the job means more than ensuring they have the necessary skills to handle tasks. It means hiring the person that will help fill a gap in your team’s dynamic — someone who will fit in and improve everyone else just by being there. The right person for you isn’t just someone who is right for the job, but one who is right for your team.

Improving your hiring process can help you receive higher quality applicants and help you hire that right person:

Invest in Human Resource Software

First things first: you need to improve the means by which you manage and organize your employees and hires. HRIS can help you find and hire the right employees and then manage them better on a large scale. It is the best way to tackle your issues with HR management and improve the job hiring role.

Be Very Clear About the Job Role

If you have a generic idea about a role that you need filled, then you are going to get a wide range of applicants. You need to be very specific about what you need, and be realistic that the job in question might require two or more people to successfully handle it.

By drawing up specifics you can then go on to create a job listing that actually attracts the people that will work in the role. You do need to be aware that complicated, unique tasks will require training no matter what, so it’s a good idea to have a list of must-have skills that you can build on yourself.


Create a Great Job Posting

You need to get your job listing posted on all the major job searching sites. It needs to explain who you are, what position you are hiring for, what the job role will include, and what the necessary requirements are. Include bonus skills you would like, but are not necessary to the hiring process.

If your job listings typically receive a huge number of applicants, then you will want to cut down the flock by adding additional tasks. Ask them to include a portfolio; those who don’t follow the instruction won’t be considered for the role, for example.

Ask the Team What They Are Looking For

When you have a list of qualified candidates, it is time to go back to your team and ask them what they would ideally want out of a new team member. Remember, it isn’t just about the skills the candidate has, it is how well they work with the others in their team. If their personalities don’t match and you can only see fights in the future, then that candidate was not right for the role.

So ask your employees or those within the team what they would like to see in their new team member. You have the final say, but it is good for morale and for the future of your company to take their words to heart when interviewing the candidates.

Take Them On for a Trial

Last but not least, know you can ask top candidates to come in for a day just to see how they handle a live task. Pay for their shadowing day to make it worth it for them (especially if they have to take time off from their current job). This way you can see them in action and hear from their team members first hand which candidate fits in best.