HubSpot Dialer Alternatives

Hubspot’s suite of productivity, sales, marketing, and service tools are some of the most popular on the market, and maybe the most popular of all their products is Sales Hub. Sales Hub includes a wide variety of tools covering areas like lead management, sales automation, and more, making it a highly versatile platform. One notable Sales Hub l feature is the HubSpot dialer, a calling platform that comes included with the software. That built-in dialer often puts Sales Hub on the radar for companies looking for power dialers, but while the HubSpot dialer is a useful feature, Sales Hub, as a whole, has some notable drawbacks. Not the least of those drawbacks are high costs and limitations with certain features like signature and revenue reporting – problems that make it unacceptable for many businesses. Luckily, there are a wide variety of other competing options available, both for companies in need of only a power dialer and those looking for a fully integrated dialer and customer management solution.

Stand-Alone Dialers

Stand-alone dialers are software platforms that only cover calling, with few if any additional features included. The primary benefit they offer is the ability to access dialer functionality for companies that already have existing customer resource management or other productivity software suites operating that lack calling. Among the most popular options in this category is Dolphin Power Dialer from EVS7. It provides all of the calling features expected in a full-featured power dialer, including automatic power dialing, one-click voicemail drop, call recording, and much more. However, the $89 per agent per month price does not include all of the available features, and many, including cloud recording, IVR routing, and call monitoring, require additional subscriptions. Finally, as a stand-alone dialer, it includes no additional customer management, sales, or productivity tools, but can be integrated with some outside platforms.

CRM-Integrated Dialers

For companies looking for complete customer management in addition to calling solutions, some platforms combine power dialers with robust customer resource management tools. These software packages marry the benefits of full-featured calling software with productivity-boosting tools like lead management, marketing, advanced analytics, billing and payments, and more. That synthesis augments both sides of the equation, enabling users to populate the power dialer and manage their sales processes directly from the lead management system, and to use the power dialer to supercharge the collection and storage of information on leads within the CRM. The top platform in this space is CRMDialer, an industry-leading customer resource management tool with a wide set of features and integrations that constantly grows with each passing year. Its unlimited lead accounts and advanced lead management system, combined with the robust power dialer, make it the ultimate sales tool. It also includes a full billing and electronic payment suite, a communications suite covering email, internal chat and SMS messaging, a white-label customer support portal, calendar and scheduling tools, and more.

For more information on CRMDialer’s complete feature set and all the ways the platform’s built-in power dialer can help your sales team revolutionize their calling operations, visit today. Support agents are at the ready to answer your questions or provide a guided tour of the platform’s capabilities. Or, better yet, start your fully-functional free trial to begin putting CRMDialer’s sales and productivity features to work today!