The biggest bingo prizes ever won

Funnily enough, and as many historians will tell you, the game of Bingo wasn’t initially designed in order to be a gambling game, with it actually being used to teach children about the defining principles of mathematics. For a long time it was played in schools across Central Europe, and nobody even thought of attributing it to the gambling world. 

However, then along came an American entrepreneur called Edwin S. Lowe, somebody who would change the face of Bingo forever. In fact, Bingo was not even called Bingo until he made his scorecard, however after this its popularity would quickly spread. For the first time people could win real cash from the game as well, something that resulted in many huge jackpots being own. Read ahead for some of the biggest Bingo prizes ever to be won – follow this link.

John Orchard 

When reading through lists of the biggest casino gambling wins you will be interested to find out that the vast majority of people are above the age of 60, and this is simply because they have much more time to gamble with. John Orchard, a Lincolnshire grandfather and factory-worker is just one of these people, who ended up scooping an outrageous £5.9 million from a game of Bingo. 

This happened back in 2012, when John decided to stick 30p on a game of Bingo largely on a whim. What happened next is truly stupendous – he won almost 6 million pounds, and became the recipient of the largest Bingo win in history in the process. Lucky guy!


This Greek businessman garnered quite the fortune from a years worth of heavy Bingo playing in 2009, coming out of the other side with almost 7 million dollars of winnings. Now, this isn’t something that happens every day, and Georgios must have had a pretty good strategy to come out so rich. 

He wishes to remain as anonymous as possible, so we’re not sure exactly what he is doing now, although it is has got to be something fun! 

Lisa Potter 

The great thing about something like online Bingo is that you can play it spontaneously at any time you want provided you have a decent Internet connection. Now, Lisa Potter will be especially thankful for this, as she decided to spend a fiver on a bit of online Bingo in order to pass the time, and ended up winning a cool £1.3 million. 

Can you imagine the shock when she realised what had just happened? We don’t think there is a person on earth who wouldn’t be surpised if this were to happen to them! 

Soraya Lowell 

Soraya Lowell is another player who has experienced great success whilst playing online Bingo, having won just over a million pounds back in 2008. She ended up splitting her winnings with long time Bingo partner Agnes O’Neil, proof that friendship really can defeat pretty much anything else in its path.

And who said Bingo couldn’t be lucrative?