Lexmark CX417de A4 Colour Multifunction Laser Printer review

We all like sticking to what we know. It’s in our instincts.

And when it comes to getting new technology for the office, it can be all too tempting to simply click the ‘buy’ button to get new versions of your defunct devices.

But have you considered what you actually use your device for?

Perhaps you still have a scanner, fax machine and photocopier from 1991 lurking in the office?

If that’s the case, it’s definitely time you switched to a multifunction printer and we’ve reviewed the perfect one for you.

The only thing you’ll be left wondering, is why it took you so long to choose the Lexmark colour laser printer CX417de.


Lexmark are renowned manufacturers, and considered one of the world’s leading providers for business printers.

The models they produce are well-known for their versatility and affordable prices, and when it comes to the Lexmark CX417de, this is certainly the case.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why this model is an ideal office companion is that it combines four devices in one.

This refers to this model’s printing, scanning, faxing and copying functionalities, saving businesses money on extra equipment and resources.

The Lexmark printer CX417de can also save you valuable office space.

By investing in this product, you’ll benefit from enhanced productivity in your office, as having a 4-in-1 printer enables staff to cut the time they spend printing, scanning, faxing or copying. The saved time could be spent on more profitable tasks.

Enhanced Security

The Lexmark CX417de will guarantee that your business benefits from greater printing security.

This model boasts inbuilt network security, so you can choose who can access the printer in your office. Your network will also be password-protected, so this should stop hackers from accessing your printer as well as your office’s Wi-Fi.

Lexmark’s Confidential Print feature provides your printer with its own unique PIN, which is customisable, so you can have one that’s easy for all staff to remember.


With this Lexmark laser printer, your staff can link up to your printer from anywhere in the office, without having to do a manual connection.

It also means that you don’t have print from your Lexmark laser printer via just a PC or laptop. Due to the Lexmark’s free mobile print app or a Wi-Fi adapter, you can access your printer via any mobile or tablet device.

Regarding accessibility, when you purchase this printer, you have access to High Yield print cartridges, which allow you to print up to 3,500 colour pages – or 6,000 black and white pages, without having to shake or interfere with your consumables. There are also great quality Lexmark toner cartridges available on the market to use with this printer.

This model has significantly low cost per pages for all printing methods, saving your business money on resources in the long haul.

Improve your carbon footprint

Just like many Lexmark products, the Lexmark CX417de is environmentally-friendly.

Firstly, this model has double-sided printing functionality, lessening paper usage in your office. It will also cut your spending on printing resources significantly.

Furthermore, this model has an instant warm-up fuser feature built into it which reduces printing times and most importantly, saves energy. This will help you to meet your workplace’s ‘green’ initiative and reduce your carbon footprint as a business.

So, if your business is looking for an affordable and green printing solution, well done! You’ve just found it.