Modernizing Your Skillset: 4 Types of Skills the Modern Employers Are Looking For

Setting yourself apart from other applicants requires more than a killer resume and the relevant education and professional experience. Hiring managers on the lookout for evidence of a unique and valuable skillset that you will bring to the position.

But what is the right skillset? Every job is different, and no two positions require the same exact qualification and traits, but there are some transferable skills that are on an employer’s radar no matter what industry or position you are applying for. Here are the four types of skills that modern employers love to set you apart from the pack.

Communication Skills 

It doesn’t matter how good your ideas are or how creative you can be if you can’t express your ideas to those around you. Employers are not just looking for someone who can think outside the box, they want someone that can articulate their idea, generate a buzz, and get other people thinking in the same way.

How to demonstrate communication skills: Put your communication skills on display in every email and phone conversation you have with your potential employers. Choose your words carefully (particularly email subject lines) and don’t spend 30 words expressing an idea that you could express with three.

IT Proficiency 

In the modern world, there is no escaping computers. Even jobs which were traditionally non-technical in nature now need someone who is IT proficient and has a strong understanding of computer software.

How to demonstrate your IT proficiency: The best way to show a hiring manager that you know your way around a computer and are IT proficient is to complete an online IT qualification. There are several websites that offer comprehensive IT training for computer users of all levels. Simply enroll in a course and put it in a prominent place on your resume for everyone to see.

Data Management 

Once upon a time power was money. Now, power is data. Data is essential for businesses, political campaigns, healthcare providers, infrastructure and logistics. Pretty much any industry you can think of relies heavily on data accumulation and management.

This has brought a plethora of opportunities for employees who are trained in data management techniques. Business Insider estimates that the demand for employees with data management skills has rocketed by 82% in recent years, and this is only set to increase as businesses generate more data.

How to demonstrate data management skills: Microsoft offers one of the most well-respected data management courses available. Their MCSE Data Management and Analytics course is often sought out by hiring managers and will instantly boost your resume.


Nobody works in isolation. Companies work best as a place where great minds can come together and collaborate to overcome challenges. This means working together as a team. If you can show that you possess strong teamworking skills, you will be an asset to any company.

How to demonstrate teamworking skills: Prepare for your interview by thinking of several times when you worked as part of a team successfully. Your cases should have a clear problem you had to overcome, clear examples of how you worked within a team, including what role you played in the team, and then clear evidence of how your team effectively overcame the problem to produce tangible results.

A good example could be something like, I worked as part of a team last year when my team was assigned the goal of increasing engagement on social media by 20%. Over the span of several meetings, we decided that I would be in charge of producing engaging video content, while my colleagues focused on pictures, text, and audio content. We worked together to ensure that the content complemented each other well and came to an agreement over when to post what material. At the end of the project, we had surpassed our goal and increased social media engagement by 35%.